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One is a sum.

The wise know that the few matter.

Many are plenty, the right one nearly twenty.

Large awes; small thaws.

Ever few close many far.

Small may outplay all.

Small packs stacks.

Within love’s sweet ambit, small is all and bam is bit.

Small numbers; great wonders.

Strength in the residuals, beauty in vestigials.

A crowd is a brag; a few friends — greatly satisfying.

What can be held in the hands trumps the wealth of nations.


Little things won’t drive you crazy; small and inane will make you sane.

Small holds the rank of swank.

To hold a child is to hold the universe.

Gratitude arrives in bits; ingratitude in blitz and fits.

The pun is mightier than the Board.

Anxiety repeats the first miracle; it makes a universe out of nothing.

Consider everything as if it counts, because it does.

The micro-flotsam are forget-some.

Don’t worry about comets, the real danger lies in commas.

The mightiest moment is this quick and quarky nanosecond’s “is.”