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Be present; gifts surround you.

Hope is a gift of the heart — and previous successes. 

All ordeals offer gifts. 

Conversations are gifts, points of view, largesse.

Scan gifts; check for hinges, hooks, hangers. 

Beware gifts wrapped in strings attached to reels.  

Institutions give-take, harm-heal, gift-forfeit. 

It is a gift to listen; it is the jackpot to be heard. 

Solutions are special gifts, perpetual problems common realities.

Health is a gift; sickness comes bearing treasures too.  

Doves gawk the setting sun; they understand the gift.

What’s thought a lot is caught not wrought. 

Thoughts can be sought — or bought. 

Thoughts rot, loves not. 

Thoughts like bots come in crazy lots. 

Thoughts fill slots; intuitions fill the spaces around them. 

 Ideate, activate, narrate and celebrate. 

Vacuity, perspicuity, our masterly fatuity. 

Reflection’s predilection is perfection; reality prefers dings, chips and cracks. 

The best possible worlds germinate within rationality and sprout within orderliness.  

Orderly, order be, our tidy mental forgery.