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The sun rises and the whole world runs after wealth.

One day’s stash is the next day’s trash.

For a deal, the people reel.

Free costs.

Double bubbles; triple cripples.

Older lies in the eye of the withholder.

Only the sick know the worth of well.

Gold is an extolled type of mold.

The wealth of the world was lost the first time someone died for it.

Stuff is duff and puff; the soul is quite enough.

Dollars find their way to scholars.

Emotion rules the attribution of value.

Birth is worth.

The molten bold in souls is gold.

Knowledge wears a beautiful patina.

The wise place an extreme value on not knowing.

Human worth is beyond gender, wealth, appearance, and club member.

Aloneness can’t do any ciphers, subtract our worth, diminish girth.

Anchor decisions sticker worth but the wise reprice their own stuff.

Good lies in the direction of valuing what we haven’t.

Love forges a good; hate forges a hood.

What they did to you doesn’t define you.

Wisdom stops asking “why” and turn its faces to the good found in the present.

Other’s opinions don’t price us.

Within the you of the you of the very definitive and superlative you resides your you.