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Romance is awkward; love is more so.

Lipstick’s fine, soft stain, lies mainly on the brain.

Fools trade lovers; the wise invest — and hold.

Broken hearts created the music industry.

What love’s labor loses, labors love to regain.

Kiss a girl; kiss the world; miss the kiss, regret the Ms.

To fall in love is to love to fall.

The last word on love is that it lasts.

Love not brief needs no relief.


Exhaustion is a high; it follows caring for the low.

The ruthless are truthless.

Nonproductive leisure, highly productive pleasure.

Hug the starving; you won’t do nothing.

Start now; later take the bow.

Not starting — ending.

A life of compassion beats a bushel of fashion.

Talk is depressing, action progressing.

Forget what you might have said; start doing what’s in your head.

Passion fights for a life of action.

Do nothing; this will ensure something.

You active, wise; you passive, dies.

The wise give out, what fools only talk about.

Vow to all the precious people you love, “I’ll tolerate you forever!”

If you don’t love me, something’s wrong with thee.

To be or not to be; love is you, all ours, and me.

Pets are God’s antidote for an overdose of humans.

Love, love, love, eloquence thereof.

Love in poem and speach and song, but not in every string-a-long.

Love invented language; then it invented silence.

Don’t fly into space without oxygen; neither voyage into life without love.

Frippery loves company; misery loves itself.

It is better to have loved, but if not, at least to have eaten.

Love your hater, as yourself.

We easily topple, collapse and fall into love, but to hate, we must claw, crab and crack our way to there.

Emotions are much more than fluff and puff; they battle in the realm of the rough and the tough.

Look inward; it’s thereward.

Night cools the hot earth; calm cools an angry person.

Blood nurtures skin; love succors kin.

Trust acts past feeling.

Trust creates eudaimonia.

Fear is the daughter of pride.

Confidence gallops on the back of success.

Vulnerability crafts it’s own community.

The quiet, deep and peaceful sea is home to every shark and ray.

Hide no emotion; avoid no commotion.

Fear is the transient we must ask to move along.