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Wonder through windows; will yourself through walls.

Info is a window; action is an intro. 

Open small windows; kick down tall doors; walk through solid walls. 

A wall invites us in to safety; a window invites us to adventure. 

Eyes are windows; the wise peer in from the outside.  

Every beginning has a door; every parting has a window.

A devastating experience is a picture window looking out over a wind-blown sea. 

To every wall add windows; to every relationship add insights. 

The finest window glass is made out of the past. 

Windows are not enough; the soul requires unlocked doors. 

Blinkered we blunder.

Blinkered is careful, wide open awareful.

Small-minded is largely consequenced.

Confined is undermined.

Limit your outlook; limit your options.

Stricture blinkers.

Blinders dissect; wide open corrects.

Bias attacks; timid retracts.

Questions birth options.

Field of view — renew, renew.

Being human is about having a 210-degree forward-facing horizontal arc; being a god is about rotating ones head.

There is me in every she and he and we.

Eyes are made of cries and sighs and also highs and sometimes lies.

We crack perception’s door, then slam it on reality’s foot.

The more accurate the perception the more obvious the imperfection.

We meld our maze and map to match.

Self-perception loves deception.

The leaning tower of perception will one day fall to the facts.

We are what we can’t see.

What we don’t percieve, we invent.

Constancy is perception’s best friend.

Reality is dark; perception is a flashlight.

Those who don’t trust their eyes will fall down in broad daylight.

An x-ray of the U.S. Congress would reveal a compound fracture.

Before you shoot someone, x-ray them; you may not need to.

A cavity hates an x-ray like an addict hates the truth.

A good proverb is like a good x-ray, easy to read, harder to heed.

Seeing is before being.

Discernment is the mind’s x-ray machine.

As an x-ray opens a window on the body, so compassion opens a shutter on the soul.

When Röntgen saw the bones in his own hand, all the skeletons of the earth rose up to dance.

X-rays are best possessed by super-duper consciousness.

The x-ray is the friend of the lung; insight is the friend of the psyche.

Nobel prizes radiate from the discovery of noble rays.

Teeth love x-rays; souls love insights.

The wise gain x-ray vision through experience.