We choose a path; rationality lurks in the bushes watching.

Irrationality blissfully runs over factuality.

It’s irrational to think we are rational.

The popularity and uses of irrationality parallel that of vanilla ice cream.

Data can’t stop dumb.

The world’s collective irrationality is on full, paranoiac parade at the stock market.

“It won’t happen to me” is the epitome of irrationality.

War is the apex of irrationality; its perpetuation is the nadir.

Experiment: Place preference on one side of a balance scale and reason on the other and watch reason fly off into outer space.

Relational needs no rational.

We are capable of choosing to not be capable.

The human race feasts on fallacies and sates itself on irrationalities.

Rationality — steer it from the helm of emotionality.

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