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We choose a path; rationality lurks in the bushes watching.

Irrationality blissfully runs over factuality.

It’s irrational to think we are rational.

The popularity and uses of irrationality parallel that of vanilla ice cream.

Data can’t stop dumb.

The world’s collective irrationality is on full, paranoiac parade at the stock market.

“It won’t happen to me” is the epitome of irrationality.

War is the apex of irrationality; its perpetuation is the nadir.

Experiment: Place preference on one side of a balance scale and reason on the other and watch reason fly off into outer space.

Relational needs no rational.

We are capable of choosing to not be capable.

The human race feasts on fallacies and sates itself on irrationalities.

Rationality — steer it from the helm of emotionality.

Plan with your hands; think with your feet.

To muse, recuse and then defuse.

Imply, infer then just go there.

Think to the brink — then jump.

All in; mind off.

Deep deliberates at every depth.

Diet, quiet; stew, renew.

Fools follow formulas, the wise wonk.

Ideate then roller skate.

Think, thank, thunk; avoid a funk.

Mull it all terrestrial ball, the ancient fall, the modern pall.

What you confuse, fix when you muse.

Thinking is gray scaling.

It’s your choice: you can join a political party, or you can keep thinking.

The assumption of sanity is the gift we give to those we love.

Acceptance of insanity is core to our humanity.

To avoid becoming unhinged, don’t manufacture human screw drivers.

When everyone but you is nuts, you can be sure it’s you that’s putz.

A twisted mind is a rumpled sheet under a smooth spread.

If you’re being driven crazy, switch drivers.

Secret vice dresses nice, but still retains a poison brain.

None who rule here on earth, do so with ample reason’s girth.

When children aren’t happy, parents get wacky.

Raving contains nothing worth saving.

When all the world’s as wacky as a betsy bug, some flubber or an outhouse mouse then let’s take shelter in the lunacy of love.