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Live slowly, die quickly, depart softly.

We deteriorate slowly and rest in pieces.

Garner sympathy; linger longly.

When you buy the farm, they’ll sell the house.

We celebrate lives to avoid thinking about deaths.

With fest and jest we’re laid to rest.

Gone on to a better place is an assumption few wish to test.

Bite the dust here; spit it out there.

Die with your truths on.

Food for worms; companions for the angels.

Those no longer with us anymore party on a distant shore.

Life is a short race; on your mark, get set — die!

We can cheat death with a just life.

If life weren’t so scary, death wouldn’t make us so afraid.

Always one step ahead of the grim reaper is the exultant sower.

We cannot knock on heaven’s door; we can only call out respectfully from the approach.

The final lesson we teach our family is how to die.

We prepare for death by going to sleep each night.

Death is a gate that swings open on life.

Scared to death is rare; afraid to live is epidemic.

To weep bitterly over the loss of one and remain unmoved by the loss of millions — such is the colossal smallness of our empathetic reach.

Of all the forces of the earth, death is the most vanquished; every time anything dies after having reproduced itself, death loses again.