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Live slowly, die quickly, depart softly.

We deteriorate slowly and rest in pieces.

Garner sympathy; linger longly.

When you buy the farm, they’ll sell the house.

We celebrate lives to avoid thinking about deaths.

With fest and jest we’re laid to rest.

Gone on to a better place is an assumption few wish to test.

Bite the dust here; spit it out there.

Die with your truths on.

Food for worms; companions for the angels.

Those no longer with us anymore party on a distant shore.

Live quietly; leave a loud legacy.

Bury the dead; keep their stories alive.

Live in such a way that you leave behind an entertaining funeral.

Love helps heal life; ceremonies help mend death.

A funeral, a microphone, verbosity — it’s a modern repeat of Thermopylae.

Love your family; craft an inspiring funeral.

Treat your children in such a way that they don’t hate each other at your funeral.

Facelifts, implants and wigs don’t ward off death; they just make the corpses weirder.

Eulogies are all the good stuff, nothing bad; how odd when the only criteria to be invited is to know otherwise.

All it takes to ignite a vicious family funeral is for one wealthy member to die.

Funerals seem to draw a disproportionate number of folks who appear to have been already been buried.