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Affection — it is the stuffed chair of love.

Love smooches and smacks; affection grazes and snacks.

It is after we lose our mothers that we are most in need of the warmth of human affection.

Affection, reception — the soul’s sweetest confection.

Passion a hunter, affection a saunter.

My cup of tea my cup of me.

Don’t just love me, like me.

Hand on arm gives no alarm.

To be touched is better than to be taught.

To heal me hold me — stay near.

Imperfections — they are most soothed by affections.

Gentleness with others thrives in the very places we shelter our own weaknesses.

Acceptance slides the handcuffed a key.

To love someone to health is to love yourself.

Acceptance shines in the eyes lit by the heart.

As all can see, I am what you will let me be.

What I do not accept I murder and leave lying in a pool of judgment.

Acceptance at last, debrides us of the wounded past.

The house of acceptance is the home of the condemned.

The blamed have a unique opportunity — to stop blaming.

I am not safe with you if you do not love yourself.

The judged learn not to judge.

Your safety lies within my love of myself.

The condemned have an opportunity; they can make a sharp turn toward perfection.

Vow to all the precious people you love, “I’ll tolerate you forever!”

If you don’t love me, something’s wrong with thee.

To be or not to be; love is you, all ours, and me.

Pets are God’s antidote for an overdose of humans.

Love, love, love, eloquence thereof.

Love in poem and speach and song, but not in every string-a-long.

Love invented language; then it invented silence.

Don’t fly into space without oxygen; neither voyage into life without love.

Frippery loves company; misery loves itself.

It is better to have loved, but if not, at least to have eaten.

Love your hater, as yourself.

We easily topple, collapse and fall into love, but to hate, we must claw, crab and crack our way to there.