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Tough toughens; rough roughens. 

Backbreaking — it’s goodmaking. 

Hard times make good memories. 

Hard is just a perspective — except when it’s a crushing reality. 

Harder is a function of nearer. 

Irreversible decline —  yet moments still fine. 

Don’t play your hard-card; all the other players at the table have one too. 

Hard has always starred; easy has always been the shocked audience. 

Work at playing hard to get; play at being work to forget. 

Laborious — it’s no more virtuous than hilarious. 

Solve your own problems; it’s less taxing, than to keep asking. 

Cumulative yuck, exponential muck, a string of bad luck — form a ruck! 

A hole drives the whole.

Holes delay; holes away.

A hole was once a sign of poverty; now it’s a sign of wealth.

War is a hole in a barrel; peace is a bung.

Wholly, Wholly, Wholly is the Lord God Almighty.

Holes vent, to an ascent.

Every hole in every psyche presents every opportunity.

A hole is a handle; a hurt is a knob.

Voids inspire visions.

An insight is a peephole; an action is a picture window.

Dash the gash.