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Plots resolve; lives evolve.

When we live incomplete, we die unfinished.

All fiction’s falls solved; real lives, unresolved.

What we can’t resolve, we may mine, crush and smelt.

Why’s” like birds fly in the cloudy sky.

Many “what’s” — uncracked nuts.

Unfinished — undiminished.

Feats, repeats; heroics, Cenozoic.

A life of discordant notes may with some ending chords resolve.

With resolve, remand the unsolved.

A hole drives the whole.

Holes delay; holes away.

A hole was once a sign of poverty; now it’s a sign of wealth.

War is a hole in a barrel; peace is a bung.

Wholly, Wholly, Wholly is the Lord God Almighty.

Holes vent, to an ascent.

Every hole in every psyche presents every opportunity.

A hole is a handle; a hurt is a knob.

Voids inspire visions.

An insight is a peephole; an action is a picture window.

Dash the gash.