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Too strong is wrong; to weak needs a tweak.

A loving bond makes strong.

Strong endures long and initiates short.

What is weak in us offers us an invitation to be strong.

Strong is not a feeling; it’s a going on despite feelings.

Strong knows how to be both quiet and loud.

Your best use of your strength lies in the best you give to others.

Be strong; listen hard.

There is strength beyond strength; when you’re done, you aren’t.

Find your center: find your strength.

At sea, behold; in port, be bold.

Responsible is gutsy; wanabe is clutsy.

Grow bold; make the next move.

Bold pauses then charges.

Closed is cold, authentic sassy bold.

Faux bold will fold.

Eat wealth, drink power; metabolize an iron-fisted meekness.

Bold gets old, but quiet, steady ambling — that’s electrifying!

Bold isn’t rushing into action, it is inspiring someone else to.

Crave, engage; rave, be brave.

Dauntless will go wantless.

End starvation, abolish war, stop racism, abandon sexism; then go home and take out the trash.