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Drink deeply from every well they throw you into.

Rough times make tough lines.

Be tough, defer, shut up.

Tough needs no rough.

The tough free climb to beauty and remain after the glory has faded.

Resilient is emotionally brilliant.

Humble compliments tough.

Gruff is protection; rough is defection.

Spit, don’t quit.

Tough is not enough.

Quit infrequently; give up inconsistently.

Perish, revive; die, rise!

Kick butts; pat backs.

War makes men tough — and nuts.

Bring it on, then bring it up, down, in, out and sideways.

To try again can be a fool’s errand.

Brave hearts conceal weak parts.

The wimp flails; the stalwart pounds nails.

Tough it out or pack it in, choose when to lose and when to win.

Weak wants it done; tough accepts required steps, plus one, plus one.

Tough is not enough; add heart, be smart.