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Knock knock nonstop.

Knock it down; drag it out; don’t forget to stomp on it. 

Knock and you will be denied; pull out your wallet, and it will be given unto you. 

You may knock a women’s socks off, but never, ever mess with her shoes. 

Apathy knocks; sympathy listens; gullibility shells out. 

If they knock the stuffings out of you, climb lighter, jump faster. 

Opportunity knocks; perspicuity peeps; sagacity opens. 

Knocked about; knock it out. 

Hard knocks reset the clocks. 

Few knock; fewer open, and only the very few pass through.

Quit infrequently; give up inconsistently.

Perish, revive; die, rise!

Kick butts; pat backs.

War makes men tough — and nuts.

Bring it on, then bring it up, down, in, out and sideways.

To try again can be a fool’s errand.

Brave hearts conceal weak parts.

The wimp flails; the stalwart pounds nails.

Tough it out or pack it in, choose when to lose and when to win.

Weak wants it done; tough accepts required steps, plus one, plus one.

Tough is not enough; add heart, be smart.