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Grill good food; season it with good people.

Go out to eat; for the entrée select friends.

Fine conversation improves the flavor of ordinary food.

The restaurant din is half the fun.

Life’s a soufflé, cafe au fait.

The good menu is the venue.

The presentation is the sensation.

Savor flavor, texture, scent — relish food’s embellishment.

Eat your pie humbly; harangue not the crumbly.

Build a successful team: clink, think; dine, sync.

Eat with with your staff — both gaff and laugh.

Dress up; haunt restaurants; frighten food.

Eat out; fast within.

Seasoning is the mother of fine food; fire is its father.

Cooking is all timing, testing and tasting.

Cooking is a science; eating is an art.

The tongue is the world’s top chef.

Hunger invented cooking; appetite fine cuisine.

Chefs of a feather stir together.

What is at hand makes the chef’s brand.

The good chef owns the hungry mouth.

There is cooking, and then there is fine art.

Cooking is like golf, but with better putting.

A good cook makes a happy family.

For the ancients to eat well it took a stick, a rock and a fire; moderns require, a microwave, stove top, oven, cookware, flatware, utensils, garbage disposal, automatic dishwasher, TV, laptop, and a cooking show.

Life’s deals, food heals.

Broccoli is the crown renown.

We should all honor food with silence, for chewing.

Rewards are mostly in heaven — except food.

My body has two galleries, and so I’m counting calories.

Eat as much as you want — under one serving.

To eat well — don’t.

What you eat, you keep.

Gluttony is the deadly sin that murders all the rest.

The invention of children led to the decline of food.

A happy meal makes a sad adult.

Food far from fine is fast.

Cut your food at your own table; cut nothing at your neighbors.

We are what we don’t eat.

The soul’s best entree is silence; its favorite dessert, talk.