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Grill good food; season it with good people.

Go out to eat; for the entrée select friends.

Fine conversation improves the flavor of ordinary food.

The restaurant din is half the fun.

Life’s a soufflĂ©, cafe au fait.

The good menu is the venue.

The presentation is the sensation.

Savor flavor, texture, scent — relish food’s embellishment.

Eat your pie humbly; harangue not the crumbly.

Build a successful team: clink, think; dine, sync.

Eat with with your staff — both gaff and laugh.

Dress up; haunt restaurants; frighten food.

Eat out; fast within.

Life’s deals, food heals.

Broccoli is the crown renown.

We should all honor food with silence, for chewing.

Rewards are mostly in heaven — except food.

My body has two galleries, and so I’m counting calories.

Eat as much as you want — under one serving.

To eat well — don’t.

What you eat, you keep.

Gluttony is the deadly sin that murders all the rest.

The invention of children led to the decline of food.

A happy meal makes a sad adult.

Food far from fine is fast.

Cut your food at your own table; cut nothing at your neighbors.

We are what we don’t eat.

The soul’s best entree is silence; its favorite dessert, talk.