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Own blown; confess mess.

To every mess — except one — we assign a villain.

Agency makes a mess; morality fixes it.

Between our lines lie tangled vines.

Even the best pack a mess.

Stuck runs amuck.

The mess that may not be understood may nonetheless be stopped.

Ethos saves us from chaos.

A word can topple a kingdom; a line can bury it.

A hot mess beats a cold fish.

Messes have tresses, suits, ties and fine dresses.

Behind every policy is a roiling frivolity.

Messes are liminal, hard lines tend toward criminal.

Every mess needs a sturdy “Yes.”

A mess inspired civilization; a mess will mend it.

A quest is found within a mess.

A wreck loves a renewal.

Visionaries are best at fixing mess.

We are nothing less than glorious mess.

At the eye of jealousy’s storm is a deadly calm; at the periphery thrives chaos.