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To speak too much is to say too little. 

Don’t wait; communicate. 

Every family silence tilts towards a family tragedy. 

Communicate or die — inside. 

Every affirmation is a suggestion; every compliment is a direct request. 

Silence is the intentional use of the strongest possible language for the greatest possible impact. 

Stew, grieve; chew, conceive — speak. 

Disclose thyself. 

Best to consult with ourselves before speaking to others. 

What we don’t communicate separates us from others; what we do totally alienates us from them. 

Tone is the silken subtlety of our finest humanity.

The one who masters tone, masters Rome.

Tone is what is lost when too much content is found.

Tone is the royal, “Fear!” or the enthroned, “Come near.”

Every great performance contains a tone theft.

The tone of choice masters the voice.

We  wrap our victims in fine tone, just before we dine alone.

Retone, then phone home.

Tone suffers a smash in a rhetorical crash.

Waste words; treasure tone.

Tone is me re-mooding you.

One hundred and one million tones are hidden in our very bones.