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To speak too much is to say too little. 

Don’t wait; communicate. 

Every family silence tilts towards family tragedy. 

Communicate or die — inside. 

Every affirmation is a suggestion; every compliment is a direct request. 

Silence is the intentional use of the strongest possible language for the greatest possible impact. 

Stew, grieve; chew, conceive — speak. 

Disclose thyself. 

Best to consult with ourselves before speaking to others. 

What we don’t communicate separates us from others; what we do totally alienates us from them. 

Silence is loud.

A short silence can see a long distance.

Asking questions points the way to quietness.

All food should be honored with silence — for chewing.

Our outer quiet hides our inner riot.

Silence won’t end violence.

Authority demands silence; love allows it.

Silence is a type of family violence.

Silence is an indicator of compliance, defiance, reliance — and genius.

Silence can train a good ear and craft a skilled tongue.

Utterances silence what most needs to be said.

As a torrential rain quiets a tortured heart, so a roaring sea calms a clamorous soul.

Mystery makes us quiet at last.