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Make friends with reality. 

Deal effectively with reality — eat.

Reality is free; you also pay for it. 

Reality has a bad reputation; it deserves it. 

Realities remain in doubt — until they sprout. 

Reality knows no fasteners; it abides not screws. 

Reality — it’s billions of eyes wondering, and blinking. 

Perception batters reality; interpretation massacres it. 

Reality is the disease you first come into contact with through your family. 

The happiest reality lives in a year of jubilee. 

Dance carefree; do this in the face of reality. 

We are all offered a free degree, a Phd in reality.

Police harsh realities using kindness.  

The best show biz of life is “is!”

“Is” is fast when life’s a blast.

Time rips; “is” slips.

“Is” is fizz.

We live in is and die of was.

Was is!

Was is — until we decide it isn’t.

Determine “will be;” annihilate “is.”

“Was” and “will-be” are mostly scree, but “am” and “is” are more trusty.

We scheme, parade and dominate, to earn the world’s salute, but “was” and “is” and “will be so” will one day make us moot.

There is me in every she and he and we.

Eyes are made of cries and sighs and also highs and sometimes lies.

We crack perception’s door, then slam it on reality’s foot.

The more accurate the perception the more obvious the imperfection.

We meld our maze and map to match.

Self-perception loves deception.

The leaning tower of perception will one day fall to the facts.

We are what we can’t see.

What we don’t percieve, we invent.

Constancy is perception’s best friend.

Reality is dark; perception is a flashlight.

Those who don’t trust their eyes will fall down in broad daylight.