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To help, shut up.

Don’t yelp, help.

The truth that hurts helps.

It helps to know when helping harms.

To help, hand over the tools.

Failure aids future raids.

Helping is quite magical, taking over tragical.

Help is a wizard’s wand, but wizards don’t come from wands.

Helping showers; advising empowers.

There is the quip and the whip — or the responsibility-based relationship.

What’s yet — upset.

Upset sets up down falls.

We are easily upset; it is difficult to calm us.

Change upsets, then it becalms.

Excited and upset place the same weak bet.

Upset is the thief of time, slick trick and pick, crack chrono-crime.

Success upsets us, but disaster completely upends our psyches.

Equilibrium’s meridian passes through our delirium.

Upset, downplay, keep the lawyers at bay.

There are no isolated events, only processes that have gone unnoticed.

For me — my way is a highway.

One man’s process is another man’s toss up.

We look before our leaps but close our eyes on our deceits. 

Grieve all your losses with self-honoring processes.

The process is the product.

Develop a good process: select, sequence, anticipate, borrow. 

Mistakes, revisions, setback and losses — out of these arise our rebuilding processes.

Step-by-step bests rush-an’-crush.

At the end of every order-making  project lies a mess. 

Good projects are like good relationships — hard, long, expensive and worth it. 

Our passwords are fig leaves; they cover our modern modesties.

A date is a hack; a marriage is an identity theft.

We arrange our smiles, pad our profiles.

Let alone takes the power of a throne.

The privilege of privacy savors one society.

Everyone is a privacy we judge by what we do not know.

A face is a moat: a resume is a castle wall.

Protect your soul; hack your mind.

Hone the edge of your alone; zone your own precious unknown.

Convenience does business using the currency of privacy.

The difference between privacy and duplicity is intention.

What does society gain if it privatizes the whole world and loses its collective soul?

Notoriety sells its privacy to buy its own celebrity.

Our deepest privacies are filed under our deepest dishonesties.

The best show biz of life is “is!”

“Is” is fast when life’s a blast.

Time rips; “is” slips.

“Is” is fizz.

We live in is and die of was.

Was is!

Was is — until we decide it isn’t.

Determine “will be;” annihilate “is.”

“Was” and “will-be” are mostly scree, but “am” and “is” are more trusty.

We scheme, parade and dominate, to earn the world’s salute, but “was” and “is” and “will be so” will one day make us moot.

Marriage is an uncertainty; love is a warranty.

Permanence is the misconception our warranties disabused us of.

A warranty is an up-sell; it was created to compensate for a downgrade.

Check the fine print for the time share; it reads that buyers should all beware.

On earth humans need warranties; in heaven they will need some serious relief from perfection.

Caveat emptor is at wisdom’s center.

Dishonesty invented the contract; cheap stuff mandated the warranty.

God created life-generating water, warming sun and cooling wind; this necessitated warranting everything else!

The amazing human race invented the great civilization we live in — so buy warranties.

A warranty is our assurance that our purchases were designed to break.

Since dishonesty is the market policy, a warranty is the best commodity.

Politics is a lot of flapdoodle — equal amounts of flap, and doodle.

Humanity’s inanity is gentrified by vanity.

A critique of you-not-me has all the marks of malarkey.

Drivel, bull and balderdash, add gobbledygook, make hooey hash.

Collaboration is the whole kit and caboodle; flapdoodle is just the view from a single noodle.

Flap has the clap and needs to nap.

Claptrap functions as a petty satrap.

Infinite is guff, until it meets with quite enough.

Flap is storm surf, silence sets of glassy combers.