What’s yet — upset.

Upset sets up down falls.

We are easily upset; it is difficult to calm us.

Change upsets, then it becalms.

Excited and upset place the same weak bet.

Upset is the thief of time and sleep.

Success upsets us, but disaster completely upends our psyches.

Equilibrium’s meridian passes through our delirium.

Upset, downplay — keep the lawyers away.

Rhyme is fine, same sounds sublime.

The letters that go together know together.

Rhyme sees the future.

Rhyme chimes the mind.

Rhyming is timing and skillful word chiming.

To make anything ridiculous — rhyme it.

It is a crime to poorly rhyme save to malign pseudo sublime.

The nursery begot the rhyme.

Rhyme is the melody line of memory.

A thought, a proverb, a rhyme — sublime.

No one knows; everyone imagines.

Hearts harbor aheads.

The past eats the future.

Ahead is a behind.

The future rushes underneath the feet of the present.

Behind is the rind, ahead good.

Welcome facts; befriend reality.

Fear abandons the future; love woos it back.

Behind is frozen, ahead what’s chosen.

Back okay; ahead yea!

Ignite; excite.

Invite range; excite change.

Like what is; love what will be.

Life is the blind date we marry.

The content aren’t hell bent.

The overly content relent.

Write; excite.

The mind a veld; ideas big game.

Anticipation is the better part of amor.

Research is sex.

Marriage has causes; divorce has clauses. 

Compassion’s because is apathy’s pause.

Because was is fuzz; will be is buzz.

Because springs from does.

All love is born of sweet because.

Confuzzled is caused by bemuzzled.

“Because” frustrates children; it enrages adults.

Children don’t live by “why” alone but by every “because” that proceeds from the mouths of their parents. 

The world’s abuzz because because; it sleeps for no apparent reason.

We suffer je ne sais quoi from emotional yaw.

Free is glee.

Options are gentle; one-way is judgmental.

Free is me not bound by thee.

Freedom begins with a deep respect — for ourselves.

Freedom lies within the garden wall.

The obedient child is the free adult.

Love yourself; free me.

Free spirits don’t want to hear it.

The self-appointed critic frees no prisoners.

Allow choices; free the children.

If so, so; if not, no.

Not must be well-fought.

One is bought, another not.

Every ought contains a not.

Love is fraught, with fear not.

Love thinks of you not me.

Health has one-hundred nots.

Tie the knot; untie it not.

Null and non get squat; “yes” receives a lot.

The best defense is a good pretense.

Pretense and you and me is nepenthe.

A sham will wham and bam and slam.

Don’t pretend; there is an end.

In the end you won’t pretend.

To feign unity is to crush community.

Friends don’t pretend — too much.

Affect nothing; imperfect everything.

“Once upon a time” opens upon sublime.

Good pretenses make good neighbors.

The Age is the stage.

The evil gallop harder than the good to their own deaths.

One becomes a pillar; another bites it.

The fool scrubs the night and carries the day out in a basket.

Truth in a village, error in a pillage.

The Tower of Babel and Brueghel played scrabble.

The house on fire warms the neighbors.

Great paintings devour great artists.

When the painter plays the pedagogue, the students enter the artist’s fog.

Details rule the world; particulars govern the universe.

Turvy-topsy, burly-hurly, down-so-up Bruegely whirly.

There is a world of paint brushes; there is one Pieter Bruegel..

Run, fly, haul  — if not, crawl.

Jet to the continents; amble through the neighborhoods.

Rise like a rocket; fall like a falcon.

Float through your dreams; stomp through reality.

To get a business get off the ground, innovate; to keep it aloft,  excite.

Fly using neurons; soar using synapses.

Morality is a flight — or a crash site.

Words zip and fly by means of wry.

If you fly off the handle, apologize your way back on.

Time flies; flies take their time.

The wise fly through the eye of the lie.

Hubble, bubble, toil and space rubble.

What we refuse to do defines us.

At the core of every refusal resides a value.

To refine something decline something.

Refuse in whole what harms your soul.

Indecision is cowering: “No” is empowering.

Refusal is in the mind; acceptance is in the heart.

To refuse one thing is to welcome another.

Construct walls; include doors.

Immorality is disloyal; it refuses to defend even it’s own advocates.

Acceptance ennobles; rejection totals.

Succeed then duck.

Fling muck then duck.

Love ducks nothing.

Duck compliments; take criticisms on the chin.

After every failure, duck your own punch.

Rake muck then duck.

A true friend is always found swinging punches beside you.

We all duck, but loyalty comes up swinging.

Email is a form of ducking.

You can’t duck your own muck.

Ideologues should worry; a is an epistemological theory.

There are no a‘s, just rays and bays.

An a is an a is a b to a z.

A is first and last and flirty fast.

A is the indefinite definite.

All you need is a — and the.

A bores; the roars.

A in all; pick and play well.

A is a way of thinking, while blinking.

Ancient thinkers invented a; subsequent ideologues ruined it.

A is non, yet first and strong.

There is some grey ‘tween aye and nay.

I is a romp, champ de la stomp.

Be bold or told.

What I refuse to do with you defines who we are.

I am what I do alone; we are what we do together.

I differentiate therefore we are.

Discovering I is curative, finding we superlative.

I am never not becoming me.

I am some I’s; we tend toward lies.

We know my effect; I know my cause.

I am human, no subcategory of anyone.

I am not you; we are the same.

Beginnings delight; endings

It’s plan or sham.

See the future; run toward it, hard tackle it.

Plan, deploy; build, enjoy.

Strategize, rest; slave, be blessed.

Plan with your head; build with your heart.

Money loves a plan.

Think for yourself; plan for everyone else.

The plan makes the man.

Design realities with new generalities.

Hard plans replace sands.

There is a warm feeling surrounding progress; it’s called climate change.

Advancement enchantments whip the world’s flankments.

Better is not necessarily greater.

Progress is a form of unhappiness.

Reason advances the world — until it doesn’t.

When we return to quietness, we have made progress.

Whenever there is kindness, there is progress.

Within wellness waxes progress.

The way forward is often through the way back.

When a politician utters the word progress, run, hide your wallet.

To accurately determine progress, wait — 100 years.

Progress is not one made richer by another made poorer.

One man’s progress should not be another man’s regress.

Banish regret; exult in what’s yet.

Create using bits; exult using bytes.

The successful shed and molt, morph and exult.

Construct a catapult out of love, get in, launch it.

It’s never too late to jubilate.

Jolt and bolt — move and exult.

In pulsing veins, synapsing brains exult!

Dedicate ideas; consecrate feelings, celebrate understandings.

Rushed exults have after-jolts.

Evil exults in destructive results.  

Honor good results with humble exults.

Surviving is overrated; consider the benefits of not.

We move on by forgetting; we prosper by remembering.

Take a dive; jive and survive.

If bent or rent then reinvent!

Survive being lost; wait to be found.

If you die, survive by rising from the dead.

What we go through shows us how to carry on.

Evil is making out by doing others in.

Survive your enemies; hang around to watch them reap what they’ve sown.

Winning has a chemistry which poisons human empathy.

One of the great ironies of life is that sometimes we survive our problems only to be done in by their solutions.

The lips that follow your arms follow your smile.

The soul is a party balloon; it rises on a ribbon of love.

Words are wily wizards; they wise up the wanton world.

Beauty is so magical her lovers tend toward bacchanal.

The cry of the first baby created the first civilization.

The blue flower contains the yellow sun.

Home is whir, slosh and hum; with soft sounds peace and rest come.

Dark chocolate is a unicorn, the lover’s tongue its forest home.

Music is quite magical; it makes love, “Oh, so tangible.”

Food is a great sorcerer; it silences untamed tongues.

As the sun burns and the glaciers ice over so the human heart grows hot and cold.

It is a sin to be too patient.

Waiting is loitering — move, sprint, charge!

A fool fans a fool’s fumes.

Pauses murder schemes — and dreams.

The wise don’t wait; they get ready for what’s next.

Wait for others; they have waited for you.

Rushing kills; waiting heals.

Wise waiting creates superlative finding.

Deadly  summits demand dangerous waits.

Patience quiets its own impatience.

The music waits between the notes.

Waiting afford such sweet opportunity for musing.

Lawlessness rushes hate; justice retains the wait.

The addict must wait for forgiveness.

God waits most.