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To be patient is to love yourself.

Humility is the mother of patience; rationality is its father.

Patience has a fast-slow cadence. 

Be patient; wounds, wives and economies recover slowly. 

Cruelty is the bully child of frustration, but compassion begets patience.

 Too much patience is a sin.

Face every injustice with impatience.

Impatience is the virtue of visionaries.

Passion waits well when it knows it will win.

Patience is medicine; hurry assassinates us.



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Invest in stories; dump theories.

The all-mighty clam siphons vision’s shazam.

The love of good is the tree top of all money.

Money is social — collaborative, collective and hyper-betrothal.

Your next investment is your next donation.

Traffic in stocks; pillage Fort Knox.

Money is magic, poverty tragic, hatred of humans abyssopelagic.

Money has influence — so does influenza.

Money and morality remember mortality.

A stellar portfolio, no generosity, a mediocre life.

Money can’t buy you love, but it can lease you a lovely arrogance.

The rich save; the poor slave; all crave.



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Life refines even the least inclined.

The iron inclined are most refined.

Difficulty refines — unless it wrecks.

The divinest irony runs the soul’s refinery.

Bookish wit is gold refined, but household wit is dross sublime.

A home is a refinery — unless it’s a whinery.

Anxiety’s society disrefines us quietly.

What one refines a dozen more declines.

Fool, recline; wise, refine.

Only love affinates ambition.



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If people weren’t so bored then bad news wouldn’t be so popular.

It takes fate, or it takes hate, to make the evening news of late.

The best life is found in being so busy making news that you don’t have time to read it.

The scoop’s a dupe, the piece a fleece and yet the truth is told.

News anchors have celebrity, they also need integrity.

Soldiers lead reporters to battle — rattle, prattle, chattel, cattle.

News is what we are told; interpretation is what we tell ourselves.

The world is 186,000 events per second; a reporter is a butterfly net.

As the divorcee packs a rant so the reporter packs a slant.

What’s trending; it’s bending.

News is expensive, but the truth will cost you your life.

No news isn’t good news; it’s terrifying!



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The best show biz of life is “is!”

“Is” is fast when life’s a blast.

Time rips; “is” slips.

“Is” is fizz.

We live in is and die of was.

Was is!

Was is — until we decide it isn’t.

Determine “will be;” annihilate “is.”

“Was” and “will-be” are mostly scree, but “am” and “is” are more trusty.

We scheme, parade and dominate, to earn the world’s salute, but “was” and “is” and “will be so” will one day make us moot.



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We stop to start to hope to see.

The telescope gave our eyes hope; the microscope made them well.

Wise eyes will not despise weak cries.

Eyes sniff; ears taste; skin gazes and still the heart is empty.

Our deepest “Why’s?” slip out the back doors of our aging eyes.

Eyes have lied, lips have ripped, the tongue has stung, and yet the heart still has its hopes.

To go totally blind, open your eyes; to heal, close them.

Seeing is believing; not seeing is believing squared.

The eyes blink; the heart grows steady.

The truth begins within the eyes least damaged by the din.



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With every kill, six eyes grow still.

When every person is a bomb, then we know the world’s undone.

Terrorism is ideologically primeval, our righteousness — their evil.

To radicalize someone, marginalized them — make that permanent.

If you want someone to destroy you, despise them.

The blood of the innocent is the demise of the guilty.

Two things kill — shrill and too still.

To terrorize is our demise, but to understand each other, that will save our lives.

Shrill still precedes the will to kill.

By their own righteous indignation the righteous are destroyed.

Three things make religion deadly, four make it fatal — extreme love, extreme hatred, angry leaders and a righteous cause.



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Courage holds a launch; fear holds its paunch.

Love is blast off, marriage striking the target, children detonation.

Doing nothing is a sink hole; taking action is a launching pad.

By the same means the astronaut ascends so also all great things come into being.

Powerful rockets require deep pockets.

We fear armed missiles; we should fear armed minds.

To the irresponsible the church is a hospital; to the faithful it’s a launching pad.

The overly staunch will delay the launch.

Low self-esteem is a missile launch code; jealousy is a launch key.

Skip brunches; attend launches.



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The passion to be famous has inspired many people to become amazingly adequate.

Dying is eventually a healthy choice.

Originality is overrated; good copying counts too.

Every large organization has the same waste disposal problem: where to dump the bodies.

Aging was designed to prevent the popularization of nudity.

If you give me a judge, I owe you a ship.

Facelifts, breast implants and wigs don’t ward off death; they just make the corpses weirder.

To buy a BMW, frequent the dentist.

If you are pursued by a dinosaur, change organizations.

Fame is exhausting; obscurity is completely so.

The differences between men and women are mostly similar.

Whenever someone starts loving me to death, I begin to long to be alone.

Clothes make the man; impoverished children and women make the clothes.

Eat, drink and be wary for tomorrow you may live.

Be a nonconformist — let other people tell you what to do.

If you can’t afford the zoo, watch congress on TV.

Wit is ephemeral; fortunately so is dullness.

A warranty is our assurance that our purchases were designed to break.

To accept an invitation to a wedding is serious business; it is to agree to shorten your life by one day.

It is an amazing coincidence: Believers in divine predestination are the very same people as those chosen for eternal salvation.

What you must do to win an election generally disqualifies you from being elected.

Maturity is when your weight is at its maximum and you know the paremiological minimum.

God made dice, then he made men and women.

Sarcasm is making clear what we don’t believe to people who don’t believe us.

A child without a TV is like a horse without a tennis racket.

Luck invented awards; effort made them seem legitimate.

Most of us know we have a soul, we just can’t remember where we left it.

Mark Twain would be pleasantly surprised; naked people have increased in influence.

Sex sells, but not like junk.

Those who say there are no misakes have never been on the wrong end of one.

When everyone but you is nuts, you can be sure it’s you that’s putz.



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The future is uncertain; your next move isn’t.

Next exists in now.

When you’re perplexed pursue what’s next.

Don’t wait for what’s next: figure it out, run it down and eat it.

For wisest, wisely wise respect, love is the thing that’s ever next.

Inertia’s hex is stopped by next.

One thousand nexts lie in the smallest step.

Next leads to rest then to the best.

The next great accomplishment begins with the next hard question.

The world’s next brilliant, helpful find exist within the collaborative mind.

Love your next as yourself.



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Every belief system that removes responsibility condones its opposite.

God can do what he wants; that doesn’t mean he does.

Love predestines love; hate sets up total disaster.

It is an amazing coincidence: Believers in divine predestination are the very same people as those chosen for eternal salvation.

Believing in Mars doesn’t make you Martian; believing in predestination doesn’t make you one of the elect.

We were predestined; it was to have a choice.

We philosophize about the good to flatter ourselves; we systematize evil to blame others.

Life isn’t a setup; its a set we make up.

Choices were predestined to matter.

Who else but mankind can turn a loving invitation to everyone into an exclusive club for the few.

A good parent gives all his or her children opportunity; so does a good God.



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Where makes us who we are.

Places produce personalities.

We are looking for safe places; we find them in risky places.

Bombs fall; places are ruined; people remain.

Places are handles; by them we carry reality with us.

Disrupt your space; change your face.

We are defined by the spaces we make — and the ones we ruin.

Nature is best left the way we found it.

We eat from places we abhor; we eat in places we adore.

High is where we fall, low a place from which we crawl.

The unsafe space we create for ourselves is an adventure; the unsafe space we create for others is a horror.

God gave us nature to help us recover from the place we would turn it into.



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Life is complicated; make friends with conjunctions.

At the end of a list, the middle of life and the beginning of love grandstands the brand known well as “and.”

Writing is shopping, it’s never a bore; it’s “either” and “or,” or “neither” and” nor.”

Consumpt conjuncts to de-disfunct.

Conjunctivate, subordinate — to write well is to dominate.

Jab with an “and” attack with “but,” cluck and yuck, take care to duck.

Reality is relative — coordinative, subjunctive and super correlative.

Overly conjunctive is most socially dysfunctive.

Plus us is more than worth the fuss.

And and and and and and and, rocks it like the tightest band.



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The next possibility possible lies within what is not considered possible.

Do what is impossible; this creates amazing energy and impossible results.

To do the impossible, first gather a great team.

The impossible — it is the most responsible.

Doing the impossible begins with uncertainty; proceeds with a full-blown panic attack and ends with a sigh of relief.

Creating the impossible takes tremendous courage — and a truck load of money.

When behind your back people say that something you are doing is impossible, it is flattery; when they say it to your face, it is fuel.

Creating the impossible is not hard; it’s marketing it that’s difficult.

The best way to accomplish what is impossible is to love.



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A father’s excellence may be measured by the volume of his children’s laughter.

A good father is a shelter; a great father is a launching pad.

A good father leads, then he follows.

What children desire good fathers require.

Fathers are famous when they appear; they are infamous for their appearance.

The worst father’s are violent, or perhaps they are silent.

A good dad is there, fear, snare, tear or dare.

The best dads admit imperfection and act out total adoration.

Like father like son by choice is undone.



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It is modern wisdom to think the devil is a myth, modern foolishness not to see him in ourselves.

The devil’s first mistake was in becoming his own advocate; his second was in remaining so.

The devil isn’t in the details; he’s lost in grand generalizations about himself.

The devil is the father of a million lies; one day he’ll go broke paying child support.

You can’t shame the devil; he’s already shamed himself.

Resist the devil and he’ll scatter; regard him as a myth and he’ll rout you.

Hate and violence are full of the devil; mere mischievousness is full of the divine.

The child pretends to be an adult, so the devil plays the lion.

The success of the devil relies on those who don’t believe in him.

The nation that sets viciously upon an another is the nation that receives the devil as dear brother.



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Marriage is an uncertainty; love is a warranty.

Permanence is the misconception our warranties disabused us of.

A warranty is an up-sell; it was created to compensate for a downgrade.

Check the fine print for the time share; it reads that buyers should all beware.

On earth humans need warranties; in heaven they will need some serious relief from perfection.

Caveat emptor is at wisdom’s center.

Dishonesty invented the contract; cheap stuff mandated the warranty.

God created life-generating water, warming sun and cooling wind; this necessitated warranting everything else!

The amazing human race invented the great civilization we live in — so buy warranties.

A warranty is our assurance that our purchases were designed to break.

Since dishonesty is the market policy, a warranty is the best commodity.



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Superb talent is everywhere; scouts, however, are super rare.

Talent is a gift; its development — grueling.

Aptitude is half attitude.

Life isn’t a talent show; it’s a helping match.

A great show of talent is overrated; a great show of love isn’t.

Humanity is overflowing with an amazing talent for astonishingly average performances.

Superstars are super-rare; super-so-so is everywhere.

Luck invented awards; effort made them seem legitimate.

It’s modernly gallant to honor non-talent.

When talent meets luck a star is born; so is a supernova.

The talent show was invented by the overly valiant.

Life has a forte, for effortless morte.



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C. arabica is the divinus stimulatica.

The gods eat ambrosia, with coffee.

Because God loves us, he gave us sex — so there would be more people to drink coffee with.

Wisdom invented silence; coffee put an end to it.

At the heart of every great city is a superb coffee shop.

We are scholars because the coffee has buzz.

A mad scientist who hated aroma, body, flavor and the human race invented instant coffee.

An equator made a bean; a mountain perfected it.

It’s the Joe that makes us go and the jolt that makes us bolt.

Sheikh Omar may have cured with prayer, but he was cured with coffee.

The Greeks may have invented democracy, but it succeeded because of the spread of coffee.



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A city isn’t a check list of sites; it’s a labyrinth of wonders.

A city is a pastry shop a short stroll from a bed.

Our insanity lies in building up a city for centuries and bombing it to pieces in a single season.

It’s a pity to shun a city; its an effrontery to shun the country.

The county is a miracle, the city a miracle worker.

A park puts the country in the city.

Clothes don’t really make the man, and buildings don’t define the city.

Get high; see the cities from the sky.

There are two ways to make a neighborhood beautiful: theme the buildings; fill them with diversity.

You can take the man out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the man.

Cities remind us that our identities are unique, and collective.


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