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Semi-honest men are everywhere; a truly false man, who can find?

False goes bare when truth is rare.

Lying eyes may appear wise.

Telling the truth is easy; telling the whole damn truth is next to impossible.

False defaults then asks to waltz.

Seems smiles while it smothers so.

The truly fallacious are suave and most gracious.

False swears on the Bible, then quotes it as proof.

To cure a man from being false requires more than smelling salts.

Disloyalty deposes the soul from its own royalty.

Faux is faux and so is so.

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but false words will rip your heart out.

Lie down with foxes, wolves, leopards and stepmothers, but not with anyone who loves to preach.





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Confidence is competence — sweating.

A tenth of confidence is looking good; nine-tenths is being good.

Praise is without, confidence within.

Eat defeat; master disaster.

Arrogance brags and struts; confidence bows and putts.

The insecure seek assurances; the intrepid make them.

Life’s furnace burns up sureness, but the wise rediscover the pole star by doing the next right thing.

The confident prepare their wings and fly; the anxious rush it, wing it and die.

Confidence is found in success — not breath.

Three things are good for us, four even more: Work that build our confidence, people who believe in us, food that gives us strength and a God who sings and dances over us.





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Mingling beats singling — maybe.

Cheer; it puts you on the team.

A tyrant gloats; a team celebrates.

Self-down; team-up.

The best backup is a kind of best, not a kind of less.

The dream is within the team.

Some dreams best avoid coaches and teams.

Work not alone; a team made the iPhone.

Poverty is a team, wealth too.

We cheer teams to cover up how alone we are.

A team serving in the bushy is worth two clubs lounging in the cushy.

Every team is like every child; it needs training, discipline and lunch.

Greed competes; love completes.



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Bad boys are honey to good girls with money.

Bad has become a word with sass, bad ass a tag of highest class.

The secret to being very good seems to be having once been very bad.

Bad news is expected; bad hearts are what are so shocking.

Gone bad is a variation of gone mad.

A bad egg is done; a bad heart may yet be won.

Money may erase a man’s sense of morality, but it can’t dispose of the consequences that flow from his bad choices.

Bad won’t; very bad can’t.

Bad has a penchant for breaking sad.

Pez and jazz are bad like yaz.

The really good know they are partly bad; the worst evil comes from good people who see nothing wrong with themselves.



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Crisis knows no clock.

Anxiety is the urgency without the emergency.

Dire straights spring from our hates.

Mess is duress.

Don’t panic; run, get food, gorge!

Crises come and go, but death comes and stays.

Two things are certain, three even more so: the sun will rise, the day will be climacteric, we will sleep at night.

It takes a sense of urgency to help in an emergency.

Crisis management is a contaminant.

The enterprising aren’t catastrophizing.

Steward your health and time; stay out of the ER.



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To be godly is to refuse to act like a god.

Godly is loving; worldly is judging.

Smitten and riven is a spiritual given.

The most devout let it all hang out.

The intellectual snob turns his nose up at God.

The trick is to stay upright — without being uptight.

Holy hokey, mirrors and smokey is baloney sanctimony.

Spiritual is two hands helping.

Pious packs no bias.

Godliness begins and ends with God.

Sainted — it isn’t painted.

The godly act oddly — they forgive.



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Dream at night; attack by day.

Dream a little; work a lot.

Dream your anxiety; live your entirety.

The mind is a royal road; dreams are its round-abouts.

Remember your dreams; they remember you.

Don’t dance with the devil; don’t dream with a do-nothing.

May all your dreams not come true.

Sleep and dream; awake and celebrate the perfectly mundane!

Scheme a meme or a phoneme, but be unique, when you dream.

Dream; unscaffold; awake be baffled.



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To wash your eyes, soak them in a desert.

Deserts heal, using distance.

Disease is a desert; the soul is an oasis.

Loneliness is a desert; friends are a spring rain.

Youth is a desert, maturity a water hole.

Mountains make us feel; deserts make us think.

The desert winds sooth the big horn sheep so the voice of God calms the strong.

Remember when you’re kicked about, desert roots grow down and out.

Mental and emotive funks make all wise ones desert monks.

The desert that was once a sea once again may someday be.



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Influence; then duck.

Age increases influence — until it doesn’t.

Influence has doors, no locks.

The wise wield great influence, then sit.

Mark Twain would be pleasantly surprised; naked people have increased in influence.

Influence is the affluence of our coexistence.

To concoct a non-influential behavior, cross a hippogriff with a unicorn.

Neutrality is a banality; we influence what we madly love or hate.

Money and beauty have influence — so does influenza.

Wise words influence; a good model totally overruns the place.

Influence is the effluence flowing from our social congruence.

Blessed are the influential for they shall inherit the blame.

Influence doesn’t pack its own immunocompetence.



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Nonsoul is nonnegotiable.

Be nonreliant noncompliant.

The world’s nonlove is never from above.

It is extremely wantable to be non-irresponsible.

Nonpositive is for a test, non-negative works when we’re depressed.

Non-yes we sometimes nonfinesse.

Non-no’s a go.

Save non’s and not’s for all the snots.

The wise thrive on the nonproverb; fools sustain themselves on what is established by common usage.

Before all is done, non’s wand is waved at everyone.

Death yawns it’s non upon the mute swan’s song.

When non has won, then non is done.



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Beware the lair of unaware.

Firstly — getly it.

Hunt down reality; don’t kill it.

Stop, look — glisten.

No ones problem is insomnia; that would mean someone had woken up.

To grow aware, mostly stare.

Welcome “is;” beat “was” to death.

Pain begins to awaken awareness; a two-by-four to the forehead brings us to full consciousness.

The real trick is to pay attention — and not worry.

Seeing is nothing; telling everything.

Awareness begins with forgetting — and not imagining.

Two eyes tell lies; a billion eyes approach wise.



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Tone is the silken subtlety of unrobed humanity.

The one who masters tone, masters Rome.

Tone is what is lost when too much content has been found.

Tone is the royal, “Fear!” or the enthroned, “Come near.”

Every great performance contains a tone theft.

The tone of choice masters the voice.

We always wrap our victims in tone, just before we have them for supper.

Retone — then phone home.

Tone suffers a smash in a rhetorical crash.

Waste words; treasure tone.

Tone is me re-mooding you.

One thousand tones are hidden in our bones.



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Eat volcanos; drink glaciers; be you!

Nonconform; let other people tell you what to do.

Disobey; stash cash.

Ignore the memo; skip the lemo.

Trust therapists; ignore love songs.

Adore friends; eschew celebrities.

A degree at twenty-three beats a ring by any spring.

Spend less time alone; off your smart phone.

Action makes traction; T-shirt logos have no mojo.

The norm is slave to perfect form; the free fall any way they want.

Boast, yap, brag — we’ll nap.

I don’t have the will or goo to do just what you want me to.

Rules make us into fools; policy makes us into tools.



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Give a man a signed blank check, he’ll fill in a googolplex.

Pythagoras was measured nicely even; Hypatia got cyphered even steven.

We count our way though house and home; the Ishango Bone is not alone.

Numbers lie when they get high.

Budget by the numbers; spend for the wonders.

It takes the numbers to see the blunders.

Pi is fly, but zero is the real hero.

1 and 0 make the world go.

Calculus is oh-so-so, until approaching the zero.

The numbers next door rule the numbers on the farthest shore.

Cipher 6174; it opens up a magic door.

The golden ratio is earth’s lovely portfolio.

The temple sprang from the forearm.



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Insecurity laughs in the face of safety.

Wobbly is probably.

Safety lies in numbers, but insecurity lies every which way.

Insecurity will blush and fail to play its own straight flush.

You are only as insecure as your next complete triumph.

Insecurity may yet save the world from arrogance.

A compliment is an ailment to the diffident.

A trembling knee is invisible to an adoring eye.

Insecurity will never go out of fashion among those securely in power.

If anyone ever becomes completely secure, the insecure will hunt them down and kill them.



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A great skill is borne out of a determined incompetence.

We star — one obscure practice after another.

Great skill requires a brutal kill.

The millionth try has the eye.

Skill is not enough; brute passion is required.

A gift will lift — and miff.

Thinking is a bluntness; skill is a mindless sharpness.

Love your children; bequeath craft.

Heft will never substitute for deft.

Trying is nothing, actually knowing how is everything.

A knock-off is a deference to an excellence.

Scorch and pound the earth; birth an Ulfberht.



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Seize the day; wrestle the hour; sit on the second.

The current is has the best fizz.

To live inside the here gawk, clap, hoot and cheer!

Hug the now; kiss the wow; take a vow.

Fools drink a case of was; the wise drink up a lake of does.

There is not when is was not.

The present is not was or will, but mill and swill and drill and grill.

The present is the illusion that time is standing still.

Nothing says something like this thing.

The now is ever ow and wow.

No love is good love like your love.

The present invites the end and then rejoices as death is hauled away feet first by the heart.

Suck the meat off the bone — then eat the bone.



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Love is a risk; hate is a sure thing.

Risk not, tisk not.

Risk adverse selects reverse.

Every risky venture imagines a safe reward.

A risk is as brisk as a parting kiss.

Assess your risk, adjust your lift.

Work to the top, then duck and drop.

A honored miss will risk a formal kiss.

To eat tomorrow throw seed today.

Life is risky, death a sure thing.



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Free is me distinct from thee.

The unrestrained guffaw restrains the claw.

By not caring if I please I can.

Total freedom is total disaster.

Me completely free contains both me and we.

Wise rules be cool; no rules befool.

Freedom lies in minus was and will.

Forgiveness is a fixed up form of freedom.

Free is me thrice serving thee.



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Fools drool for a rule; eclectic’s hectic for electric.

It takes a pox to think outside convention’s box.

Motley shuns the oh-so-snotly.

Shall not, shall so.

Eclectic shifts its own selectric.

It takes a fop to lop the top of reason’s stop.

My mind’s not fond of pro or con.

Eclectic wins what taste offends.

All-embracing is effacing.

Eklektikos removes the dross.

Eclecticism is an open mind flying


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