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Doctors dare to harm to heal.

To heal a cell it takes a city.

Patients point; doctors anoint.

The doctors finesse is partially guess.

To set a bone is half-aware, to sooth the soul — fully there.

The very first to do no harm is the first to not alarm.

Good doctors make poor patients; good patients, poor doctors.

The best knowing includes knowing what we don’t know.

A doctor away keeps contagion at bay.

Good doctors advance toward disease and retreat from themselves.

A doctor has a house; a fee has an etiology.

Symptoms conceal sources.

As study goes before a license, so a question goes before an answer.

A doctor mends, death grins, God wins.



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The wise don’t muffle every kerfluffle.

A din begins within and dies without.

Out of a foolish uproar, the wise craft a door.

Fuss if you must — then hush.

Invite every emotion to dinner; don’t give it a knife.

A well-managed conflict prevents a devastating war.

The fool’s error becomes a furor, and then it turns into a mirror.

Democracy sprouts a brouhaha and blooms a la-la-la.

Locomotions cause commotions; inner quiets heal all riots.

Love ends every hate well.



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Carefree is me flown free from thee.

It is a sin to care too much.

To obtain wisdom, practice profound skipping and hopping.

The soul juvenescent remains reviviscent.

Insouciance knows only its own approval.

The bon vivant are nonchalant.

Serene cares nothing for something.

Care is never free.

Unshriven trusts more than blithely forgiven.

Rectitude is paranoia, insouciance a metanoia.

Worry is poison, insouciance medicine.



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Politics is a lot of flapdoodle with equal amounts flap and doodle.

Humanity’s inanity is gentrified by vanity.

A critique of you-not-me, has all the marks of malarkey.

Drivel, bull and balderdash, add gobbledygook, make hooey hash.

Collaboration is the whole kit and caboodle; flapdoodle is just the view from a single noodle.

Flap has the clap and needs to nap.

Claptrap functions as a petty satrap.

Infinite is guff, until it meets with quite enough.

Flap is storm surf, silence sets of glassy combers.



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God made dice, then he made men and women.

A plan may please a clan, but chance will make them dance.

Patterns lull us to sleep; randomness startles us awake.

Death adores luck.

Luck good, skill better, both best.

All success is spawned in a muddy pool of chance.

The random never ride tandem.

If random all, then flee the hall.

Skill is an amulet; it wards off luck.

Chance births despair, and joy.

Chance is God’s antidote for pride.

God will never dance to chance.



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Ancient craft loved proportion; modern art prefers distortion.

Upbraid your mate and twist your fate.

To communicate subtlely, you must distort greatly.

What deforms also reforms.

The mind twists upon itself and straightens upon others.

The humble can quickly be set straight; the proud wait until it’s too late.

We will act out every distortion of ourselves that we believe to be true.

Dysmorphia is everywhere; symmetry is very rare.

Perfectionism is a branch of perversion; happily flawed is an subcategory of moral wholeness.

Faces contort; theories distort.



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Lines form; minds swarm.

A line is an idea; a person is a reality.

Innovation is the mother of the line; conventionality is it’s father.

A line is a kind of order; cutting the line is a kind of tyranny.

A queue by any other name is still a stew.

A dot is a line forming.

Create a line item; fund a future.

The line created civilization, and then it destroyed it.

A map needs a line; a soul needs a space.



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A wise choice mends a foolish ambiguity.

Every good choice is a steer; every apathetic pause is a veer.

Choose loss — advance!

A bad choice can make for a long wait.

When I choose you, I choose me.

Choosing oneself is first; choosing another follows.

Every choice cuts a new key.

A herd exists; an individual chooses.

To let go, charge!

Inside of a choice is an order; inside of a hesitation is a chaos.



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The mind is a mud pot — disturbed a whole lot.

Civilization was built upon a dream; earth was made with Travertine.

Affection is a steam vent; love is magma.

Follow Old Faithful; go off in a predictable fashion.

The biosphere is super dear; Thermus aquaticus is a divine enzymaticus.

Earth’s fissures open earth’s door; broken hearts open the soul’s core.

A powerful human is a geyser heated by a molten core.

Language is silica; it builds a geyser cone for the display of truth.

Cats are thermophilia with a purr, dogs thermophilia in a whir.

Synechnocccus is a super hot Bacchus.



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Go fishing often, sometimes use tackle.

Some men know they are fishing; all women do.

A good mend makes a good end.

A trout is just a catfish with a college education.

As a fish thanks the Cambrian, so the angler thanks the fish.

Tramp past all the fools, skip the school boy pools.

Mend a line; hook a mind.

As the cutthroat hits the fly; so the middle class rush to the dictionary.

Many men go fishing all their lives; what they don’t know is that they are trying to catch Thoreau.

Dating is catch and release; marriage is fetch and beseech.

Adjust — you’ll catch more fish.



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Low fences make good neighbors.

A wall is civilization with little love in it.

Wealth invented the fence; poverty popularized it.

The wall that protects isolates.

A child must learn to put up walls; an adult must learn to take them down.

At the edge of me lies the beginning of you.

My skin is a border I asked the world to respect.

Hatred invented borders; fear erected walls on them.

What keeps the cats in keeps the rats out.

We teach daughters to put up walls, sons to knock them down.

The highest wall exists within the weakest soul.



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Hug every thug; smooch every mug.

Eye to eye can tell a lie, but cheek-to-cheek knows no oblique.

Social scruple is occlusal.

Every loneliness needs a family, and every family craves a bit of loneliness.

Great families arrest the development of their children; they stunt the progression of their selfishness.

Kin resides down deep below the skin.

To be successfully social make a public betrothal.

Affirmation is a subtle shade of love.

The host must pray and pay the most.

Upon sight babies and parents bond; after that it’s a choice.

Guest is a state of happy rest.

The garden is the cure; the boardroom is the disease.



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A leader’s second greatest virtue is patience; the first is impatience.

Frequence rules; sequence follows.

Lead a thirsty horse to water; he’ll drink.

Cure mediocrity; lead people to do what’s impossible.

What doesn’t work leads us to what does.

Followers see a lot of work, leaders a lot of worth.

The best leader is the worst follower.

To lead one must know when to recede.

The greatest leaders celebrate their weakest followers.

To benefit others, do what doesn’t benefit you.



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Snarl be done; laugh be one.

False divides; true, with all the true resides.

Great teams traffic in great trust.

Unity is a decision to forego something great for something greater.

A mouth begins a war; an ear begins a peace.

A man may join a school of fish; a fish may not join a school of men.

Humility gives unity its divine miscibility.

Forgive unite; begrudge benight.

The best -ologies ends the worst -isms.

Respect is a staging area for unity.

Discord is balk, squawk and mock; unity is a quiet, arm-in-arm walk.



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Feeling is good for healing.

Mic your head; hear your heart.

I feel, I love, I love therefore I feel.

Feelings are traffic lights — run them, risk them.

Fame and shame snort the same cocaine.

Feelings are full of false threats; reality packs an emotional knockout punch.

Thinkers error; feelers beware.

Feelings are like adult children; they keep moving back home.

Think in the face of irrationality; feel within the eye of the emotional storm.

Our real faces surface in the safest places.

No emotion performs alone; all sing and dance within the great choral entourage of feeling.



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Eat, drink and be wary, for tomorrow you may live.

Death makes sense: it’s life that is freakin’ meaningless.

The sage cries out that life is meaningless; we understand this great wisdom because it is false.

“Vanity, vanity,” cries the singer then sits down to a fine dinner.

One of wealth’s byproducts is meaninglessness; one of poverty’s is gratefulness.

The extremes devour dreams; reasonable builds what is possible.

Meaninglessness exists where we find it, not in our philosophizing about it.

Meaning passes through a winter just before becoming a wonder.

To everything there is a season understood by rhyme and reason.

Cord and bowl, pitcher, wheel — all are broken at the well, but the soul is safe with God.



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Courage invented cartography, then it invented the ice ax.

Courage is fear — with a game plan.

At the heart of fear is selfishness; at the heart of courage is love.

The wages of courage are failure, discouragement, loss and exhilarating transformation!

Courage is fear, in climbing boots.

Brave is not a feeling; it’s a choice.

Fear refuses to compromise; courage gives something to the other side.

Mediocrity strums conventional chords; courage blasts broken, distorted, tragicified discordances.

Both fear and courage pray, only courage gets back up off its knees.

The courageous are cowards, running full tilt toward their fears.

First share your fear, then share your courage.

The courageous are highly contagious.

All are cowards; a few just refuse to act like it.



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Our grief is the finest proof that we have loved.

Love is a poem; grief is a novel.

Grief has a peak, a straight streak and oblique.

What’s past help isn’t past hurt.

Grieve when you hurt; heal with dessert.

Joy needs a mouth; grief needs an ear.

Grieving rituals are our victuals.

Simmer your losses in silence and sauces.

Grieve all your ouches with blankets and couches.

Sleep’s a respite for the desperate.

Loss instructs wavering minds to steady.

Weep — then make a fiery launch into the future.

Resilience is our super-human brilliance.



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Sarcasm is a way to make clear what you don’t believe to people who don’t believe you.

Sarcasm is a stifled sigh, smothered by a smile and a lie.

Sarcasm is just another way of not saying what you want to say.

Say the very opposite, perform a mental pick pocket.

Sarcasm is the ouch forthcoming from the grouch.

Sarcasm rules — kings, slaves and fools.

Tone cuts to the bone.

Hone tone — or be alone.

Rioting is the one of the few weapons the powerful cannot deny the oppressed; the other is sarcasm.

Bite the lip; withhold the rip.

Sarcastic, sarcastic is bi-metastatic.



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Real men deal — and feel.

The man who pumps iron also cradles the baby.

Behind every successful man is his own behind, kicked into action by his own mind.

Man is the only animal that blushes; the rest of the animals savage each other without even blinking.

A man may be judged by the quality of his silence.

Boys will be boys, until you take their toys, then they revert to babies.

A career is a caper; a man is a vapor.

A good male leader is a good female follower.

In any given moment a good man is easy to find; what’s hard to find is a man who remains good over a lifetime.

It was never a man’s world; it was always everybody’s world.

A strong man will let even a little girl lead him.

The manly man will happily dance the canly-can.


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