Banish regret; exult in what’s yet.

Exult in sights with bits and bytes.

Shed and molt, peel and exult.

Construct a creative catapult, get in, launch it.

It’s never too late to jubilate.

Jolt and bolt — exult, exult.

In pulsing veins synapsing brains exult!

Dedicate ideas; consecrate feelings, celebrate understandings.

All rushed exults have after-jolts.

Evil praises; it aso exults.

Honor small results with big exults.

Surviving is overrated; consider all the salutary benefits of not making it.

We move on by forgetting; we prosper by remembering.

Take a dive; jive to survive.

If sent, bent or rent — reinvent!

The lost survive, waiting to stay alive.

If you die, survive by rising from the dead.

What we go through shows us how to carry on.

Evil is making out by doing others in.

Survive your enemies; hang around to watch them reap what they’ve sown.

Winning has a chemistry which poisons human empathy.

One of the great ironies of life is that sometimes we survive our problems only to be done in by their solutions.

The lips that follow your arms follow your smile.

The soul is a party balloon; it rises on a ribbon of love.

Words are the wily wizards which wisdom wanton world.

Beauty is so magical her lovers tend toward bacchanal.

The cry of the first baby created the first civilization.

The blue flower contains the yellow sun.

Home is whir, slosh and hum; with such soft sounds peace and rest come.

Dark chocolate is a unicorn, the lover’s tongue its forest home.

Music is quite magical; it makes love, “Oh, so tangible.”

Food is a great sorcerer; only it silences the untamed tongue.

The sun is fire; ice grows on glaciers; the human heart is hot and cold.

It is a sin to be too patient.

Waiting is loitering — move, sprint, charge!

A fool fans a fool’s fumes.

Pauses murder schemes — and dreams.

The wise don’t wait; they get ready for what’s next.

Wait for others; they have waited for you.

Rushing kills; waiting heals.

Wise waiting creates superlative finding.

Deadly  summits demand dangerous waits.

Patience quiets its own impatience.

The music waits between the notes.

Waiting afford such sweet opportunity for musing.

Lawlessness rushes hate; justice retains the wait.

The addict must wait for forgiveness.

God waits most.

Fine takes time.

It behoves hearts to improve.

Some things enhance by chance.

Time makes stuff better like whiskey and cheddar.

Some improvements take removements.

To just groove or to improve — that is the question.

Individuals have great ideas; teams make great products.

An idea is behind an improvement; a voice is behind a movement.

At the core of every improved organization lies someone who can’t sleep at night.

Better startles in the mind, charges through the heart and arrives panting in the hands.

“Good enough” is the wisdom of the contented.

Live quietly; leave a loud legacy.

Bury the dead; keep their stories alive.

Live in such a way that you leave behind an entertaining funeral.

Love helps heal life; ceremonies help mend death.

A funeral, a microphone, verbosity — it’s a modern repeat of Thermopylae.

Love your family; craft an inspiring funeral.

Treat your children in such a way that they don’t hate each other at your funeral.

Facelifts, implants and wigs don’t ward off death; they just make the corpses weirder.

Eulogies are all the good stuff, nothing bad; how odd when the only criteria to be invited is to know otherwise.

All it takes to ignite a vicious family funeral is for one wealthy member to die.

Funerals seem to draw a disproportionate number of folks who appear to have been already been buried.

Totally prevent disappointment; attempt nothing.

Realities disappoint; tenacities anoint.

Smelt love; discard the slag.

Expectation begets disappointment; it also births success.

To avoid being disappointed avoid being human.

Heal all disillusionments with hope — and hard work.

Perfectionism dismays; gratitude hoorays.

For the dissatisfied it is prescribed — gaze outside.

Harm embitters, the hopeful future brightly glitters.

Disappointments are the by product of caring — so are deep relationships.

Kill what’s too slow — frisk, dash, zip, go!

A human fireball incinerates all excuses.

Busy brags; swamped sags; steady bags the crag.

All play and no busy makes Jack a flat fizzy.

End every bustle with a truffle.

Too busy is dizzy.

Driven is wealthy; even-paced is healthy.

Worry takes a break; action takes the cake.

Stay productive; rest consistently.

Nap, restore; hustle, score.

Software thrives on innovation  — and thievery.

Software can’t fix a hard heart.

We are what we program.

Software is made out of math and smarts — and the arts.

1 and 0 make the world go.

Modern life is input, output, left foot, right foot.

Wiki’s not picky; it’s open and sticky.

Create amazing software; marry a visionary to an engineer.

When we digitalized symbols, we invented the future.

First we invented the imbecile, then we made it digital.

Find out what’s yet; hit on the net.

Click like a monkey; surf like a junkie.

Online is wine.

Prime time is online.

A good Internet is like a good life; it lies in a good story. 

The blog saved the Web for the people. 

Knowledge without access is like a search without an engine.

The web is up all eyes are down.

Astronomy expands the universe; the Internet shrinks it.

Free speech created the World Wide Web.

The computer put the planet in our pockets. 

An MBA is now a click away.

A computer without the Web is like a person without a family.

Achilles needs a tendon; a mobile device needs a battery. 

Computer memory is hegemony.

The computer is our servant — until it becomes observant.

Artificial intelligence occurs every time a human lies.

The computer began with a conception and was born at an execution.

What began in a garage has flown off to Mars. 

A rising tech floats all dolts.

Buy using comparisons; sell using idiosyncrasies.

The comparison informs; the juxtaposition norms.

Individuate — similes and metaphors hate.

To categorize is drudgery, but fail and — discovery!

Compare, get bothered; unaware, get clobbered.

A category is an elephant gun; uniqueness lies in every baby elephant.

Every assessment compares — and dares.

Compare, stack it; contrast, hack it.

Hatch, catch; match, batch.

To compare may snare, but to be unaware — it’s a nightmare.

To compare is to care.

Grill good food; season it with good people.

Go out to eat; for the entrée select friends.

Fine conversation improves the flavor of ordinary food.

The restaurant din is half the fun.

Life’s a soufflé, frequent cafe au fait.

The good menu is the venue.

The presentation is the sensation.

Savor flavor, texture, scent — relish food’s embellishment.

Eat your pie humbly; harangue not the crumbly.

Build a successful team: clink, think; dine, sync.

Eat with with your staff — both gaff and laugh.

Dress up; haunt restaurants; frighten food.

Eat out; fast within.

Tenacity swings a hammer; sagacity swings a head.

Develop a capacity for pain — loose, growl, gain.

Track apathy, hunt down laxity — kill them both.

Sporadically quit; henceforth and therefore to begin again.

Within tenacity runs an underground river of stupidity, within quitting — great geysers of genius.

The first three tries don’t keep the fourth from succeeding.

Stand on your losses; run on top of your crosses.

It’s most efficacious to be perspicaciously tenacious.

Tenacity is the best policy — and ontogeny.

Divorce mendacious; banish fallacious; marry the truth, be vicious tenacious.

Give up every night; this will provide precisely what is needed to begin again the next day.

Live like your dying — you are.

Love it or litigate it.

Others may pick your battles, but you pick your forgivenesses.

Jack your age; act like you please.

Go big; then head for the hospital.

Let it all hang out, unless you can keep some of it stuffed in.

If it ain’t broke, sell it and update it.

We are not alone; children insure that.

The stuck stops here.

The customer isn’t always right, but there is good money to be made by acting like it.

Just do it — again and again and again.

Get mad; stay even.

It is a jungle out there — run, rip, roar!

Stick your neck out; first cover your rear.

The right word is a picture worth a thousand dollars.

By crude oil we are fleetingly made royal.

Drill the earth; fly the sky; reign on high.

We drag carbon from the ground, we race upon the earth, we fill the air — these are the ways of modern ephemera.

Oil is limited; machinery is temporary; love is infinite.

Gasoline is speed; jet fuel is heroin.

Oil toil, roil and boil, wind and soil and sea we spoil.

We put life in our bodies, death in our cars.

Gold, diamonds and oil draw men together, then these three tear families apart.

A town is boomed, morality entombed.

The oil that made us rich will one day make us poor.

Our hearts are culpable with motives quite multiple.

Fire sets the forest animals running; desire consumes the planet.

Don’t waste time on motives; waste it on justice, kindness and love.

Go ballistic altruistic.

Rush to every cry; discover every why.

Motivfy, bloatify, dotify, notify.

Motives are choices; results are decisions.

With motives deemed noble look under the table.

An honorable motive is votive; good intention — it is a sacred holiness.

Hate is a powerful motive; it’s weak sauce compared to love.

Expectancy is gift wrapped in the soul’s protectancy.

Expect the gaff, rejoice and laugh.

Expect nothing, you will still get something.

The path of expectancy is paved with reality.

Expect your pay check; assiduously neglect the lottery.

Love bedecks; hate neglects; hope expects.

Hope has its own ascendancy, a bright ballon of expectancy.

The unexpectant are dejectant.

Expectancy lives breathlessly — ostensibly.

At birth there is an expecting, at death an expected.

Flatteries squirm; actions affirm.

Low acts nix high praise.

Ride your good choices; let your errors float by you.

Love what was; befriend what is; hope for what will be.

Brooding entangles; action unscrambles.

The obsequious servant harms two masters.

Perform honest labor; affirm you neighbor.

Compliment others; use your eyes.

Affirm everyone; mobilize your ears.

To the self-hating compliments are bullets; to the self-loving they are balms.

Brighten your eyes; plug your behaviors into your values.

The leaking roof hates the needed rain.

In spring carry an umbrella; in love, wear Kevlar.

Sane in the brain lies mainly in the frame.

As fresh is to rain so peace is to goodness.

A storm wakes, a loss breaks, love remakes.

Fame is rain, too much a bane.

Fix the roof; enjoy the rain.

Stand back at the edge of the rain soaked cliff; run from anger.

Rain brings life, too much — death.