Do business; ask for forgiveness. 

A good business, time and stillness. 

An army needs armor; a business needs a partner. 

We calculate risk; it calculates us. 

Business is a mess of finesse — and  stress. 

Your business is our business. 

What’s good for business is not good for all of us. 

Contract reapers; beware grim keepers. 

To do business requires a signature; to maintain business requires a finisher. 

Do business, include hilariousness. 

Bright schemes prosper dreams.

Older can moulder — or smolder. 

Throw matches — in dry piles of ideas. 

We live within enjambmency with all its length and lambency. 

Heat discussions, ignite ideas, conflagrate plans.  

Youth’s fire blusters and blows; old’s ember flickers and glows. 

Stingy is dingy; magnanimous is glamorous. 

Eat flares, swallow blazes, spit infernos. 

Sun’s glow, we grow. 

Glow, gleam, glitter —  titter. 

Contingents galore forevermore. 

If this, then amiss; if that, then to the mat! 

First things worst. 

Buy, high; sell — all’s well.

Conditional stressful; dependent enmeshful.

Contingent — it’s a type of unhingement.

Contingencies, bi-engencies, intimate infringencies.

Gender infringements gather contingents. 

Every hour is a contingency; every day is a prerequisite.

I in you, and you in me, we are a contingency. 

A premise needs a chemist; a conclusion need a physicist.  

A drop in the bucket is a universe to a tongue.

Just a drop is still some slop.

Let go of what has already dropped.

Drop the fop; chuck the cluck.  

Gloom droops; cheer holds. 

Drop, mop and boppity-bop. 

“Doo-wop” and drop what’s not your lot.

End it with one chop;  pop, lop and drop.

A tear drop, a flood of emotion.

If you drop dead then pop back. 

Getting to race is an honor; getting dropped is a privilege. 

Virtue is out of fashion, as it always has been.

Virtue is inwardly or nothingly.

The most virtuous don’t try.

Let virtue besmirch you, but let love totally trash you. 

Virtue and vice in everything nice.

Virtue that is tractable wins more than social capital.

Punctuality is not a virtue; the virtue is in texting ahead.

Virtue will search you, but love will give you a police escort home.

The pursuit of happiness may obliterate virtue, but misery has the power to fashion a total moral fiend. 

 It is the nature of our species to traffic in virtual virtues while blithely ignoring horrific injustices.   

Virtue is its own punishment, and reward. 

Virtue — it’s vague as a word, dangerous as a principle, vicious when attacked and salutary acted out.

Anyone who says they mistrust virtue is deceived; virtue is exactly what we trust the most. 

Virtue does not always appear to adhere to — itself. 

Knowledge is power, but electricity is absolute domination.  

Electric up; it’s a digital sup. 

Whirr, glide, whiz, ping — electric is the bim, bam, bing.

Electricity runs the world — when ice and snow don’t. 

Glances electric; lovers selectric. 

Gas or electric, it’s trashioseptic. 

Dialectic is electric. 

The more electric the rocker the more their death is a shocker. 

Electricity runs the economy; anthropocentricity runs the mind.  

Upon the electrification of civilization, the soul spoke, “Yet, let there be night.”

Nosey is supposey.

After you have been gored, avoid the spared; they’ll trample you with their concern.  

Care is a job; concern is a sob. 

Concern can be learned, but love — that’s only live birthed. 

Attentiveness heals, as does being left alone.

Concern isn’t love, but love includes concern.

Uplifters thrive — on the downtrodden.

Dutiful; immutable.

There’s little gain and no return in being an object of concern.   

Concern is a cynic, running around in a panic. 

Concern best runs in two opposite directions, at the same time.

Need is enough, for a bluff. 

Concede need; never concede greed.

Need is an asset, privation a reset. 

From exigency stems sufficiency. 

Meet need with deed.

To ignore need is to feed greed.

Seed need; harvest an abundance. 

Paucity is an opportunity. 

Need, creed, lead, cede.  

Excess — it’s in need of a recess. 

Feed need; starve greed. 

Love always outlasts scarcity. 

Square off the moon; reverse death; stop rot. 

Rot is expensive, when it’s expansive. 

Got rot; got a marketable plot. 

Live on the surface; invest in coatings.

Rust is a breech of trust; but rot, it’s a breech of life. 

Longevity, hard sought, and yet — rot. 

Rot is caught, but soul death, that’s wrought. 

Rejection rots the mind; abandonment completely annihilates it. 

Passions hot still may rot. 

The lot that falls to addiction is rotten. 

Liberty lies inwardly — mostly.

Tyranny wags; liberty brags, but responsibility bags the goods. 

Even in captivity the soul retains a liberty. 

Every liberty has a limit. 

Liberty, beware of liberty.

Liberty needs a check; that check needs a balance.

Ego needs a body guard; liberty needs an army. 

Give me liberty — or just toss me another shibboleth. 

Give me liberty, mixed with charity. 

Liberty’s fame; tyranny’s bane. 

Stupidity is enhanced by money — and liberty. 

Do time; it will do you.

Do away with doing nothing.

Do-did; done-won. 

“Will do!” isn’t done.

Do, do is a gagged view. 

Every “I do” embraces an “I won’t.” 

To is a sock; do is a shoe. 

Do not do rot.

We tend to do what we eschew.

Don’t not.

When kicked to the curb tromp to the next intersection. 

Prospects may lurk at the curb, but the real money hangs out in the classroom. 

Don’t curb enthusiasm; curb apathy, restrain sloth.

Curbs may appeal, but freedoms — they enthrall.

“Not just yet” — it’s a bet.

Curb blame; ban shame. 

Curb desire; chain greed.

Curbs appeal to those with no boundaries.

Curbs disturb earth; fences unsettle the universe. 

The deal’s at the curb, the house in the burb; two kids and a fence, mobility dance. 

Leverage debt; add net.

Good debt; good bet.

Debt talks trash; payments talk stash.

Debt packs a sizable yet.

Extractive — it’s radioactive. 

Hate repays nothing.

In debt bets — and frets.

We borrow sympathy; we owe charity.

We are ever indebted to everyone who sustains us. 

Idle money finds work in debt’s house. 

We may repay our bio-debt by stewarding the birds —  and the bees.  

Justice does not require what cannot be paid. 

Ready, frame, fire.

Rig, stock, ready, rock. 

Practice makes ready. 

Ready is steady. 

Combat ready with a query.  

Ready is proven by performance.

Always staging; never on stage. 

Prepare to die; live!

Hope for the best by preparing for the best. 

Abandon all stupor; make ready the future.

Difficulty is training; winter is preparation. 

Fervor will get your further. 

Energy gets the job; apathy gets the lob. 

Passion gains hearts.

Indifference wilts; zeal runs full tilt.

Fuel a passion with a notion; floor it with a plan.

A good plan is espresso; zeal, crema.  

Ardor is harder than smarter. 

Zeal is a pill; commitment is a cure.  

Feel it; zeal it; sell it, seal it. 

Anticipation is the heart of excitement.

The world grows ripe — on hype. 

Between the gaps in time fruit ripens on the mental vine.  

Personal agendas ripen in the vacuums created by transitions. 

Invest in hype — when the time is ripe.  

Dark thoughts ripen in private; they crack open in public.

To please, we hype; to benefit we wait for ripe.

Your choice: merely age or mature. 

By day we strain, by year attain, by decade change. 

As the sun ripens fruit so opposition ripens the resolute.  

Swipe and wipe, go long, get ripe.  

Do dirt; get dirty. 

Dirt will hurt. 

Gossip licks up the dirt and bites the dust. 

Hurt to hurt; dirt to dirt.

No dirt is pay dirt.

Verbal bricks follow dirty tricks. 

The dirtier we play the more work it will be to clean up. 

Dirt can grow a garden; it can ruin a reputation.

If you are going to dig up dirt, start with your own pile. 

A person is an agenda. 

Agendas eat clocks; they gobble wallets. 

What we want rules who we haunt. 

Agendas are often bent, from beating down dissent. 

We crave control; we hoe one row. 

Agendas first list, then they topple. 

Driving forces frequent ditches. 

Agenda; impedimenta. 

Agendas rule the board room; they are controlled from the back room. 

There is no end to the personal agend. 

A proverb is no promise.

A promise broken cracks us open. 

Promise once; follow up always.

A promise is an approximate. 

Don’t promise — perform! 

People invite promises; reality domiciles. 

A promise has a premise. 

Both promises and lies incubate in hope; they populate with action.

A promise always has an accomplice. 

Promise; die on it.

Sort; pick short. 

Brief is a relief. 

Short is a snort.

Short wins in the long run.

Tall is a wall; short is a hall.

Too long, abort; too short, cavort. 

Stop short; more court.

Short is a passport. 

Deport long; import short. 

Short has a sizable advantage.