We fear what the thief in the night might take, but the highest earning thieves wear suits and work in broad daylight.

Republicans and Democrats are like the night — they both make it hard to see what’s really going on.

A one night stand always includes some lying down.

Nights aren’t silent — owls, foxes, coyotes, dying prey.

The night is like Hollywood; it gives us the stars.

All night long — especially in a song — usually isn’t.

The small hours of the night are never small to the insomniac.

Fly-by-night crashes in the light-of-day.

Ships that pass in the night always signal; so busy husbands and wives should always kiss.

In the dead of night much of the earth comes alive.

It smashing to be dashing.

It’s debonair to float on air; inelegant to blink and sink.

Shop the boutique; stock up on what’s chic.

A reputation can rise or fall on the cut of a dress.

Old ones love natty; young ones love ratty.

It’s now in vogue to pose as rogue.

Attire communicates power; it masks weakness.

Styles beguile with a look and a smile.

Swank claims rank.

The rakish run takish, tend fakish, lean flakish.

Fabric rules the world.

Embrace “Yay”; clap for “Aha;” celebrate “Eureka!”

Thrive by preventing groans.

Three cheers for one world.

“Yay” all valiant failures fired in all flickering kilns.

Hooray every vision; applaud every effort; cheer every attempt.

Heroes have their reward; applaud the obscure.

Elevate “Yay’s;” attach them to courageous efforts.

“Whoopee” an epiphany; ra-ra an “Aha.”

A “Yay!” a day keeps a “Nay” away.

Biographies give us faith in humanity; once upon a time lived someone to admire.

The storied become icons; their biographers become iconodules.

A biography is a road map; it shows us which way to go.

All biography is tragedy; the hero dies in the end.

A biography is the story of one person co-opting the story of many persons.

The great-man-version of history is a version; the one that leaves out more than it includes.

Biography is magic: Wave a pen; turn living flesh into a rock solid symbol.

The best biographies include the best contributions of the subject — and the worst.

Biography is mummification; we wrap the dead with accolades and place them in a fancy box.

All biographers invent their subjects; they construct a persona out of a person.

Biographies inspire; autobiographies exalt.

Too strong is wrong; to weak needs a tweak.

A loving bond makes strong.

Strong endures long and initiates short.

What is weak in us offers us an invitation to be strong.

Strong is not a feeling; it’s a going on despite feelings.

Strong knows how to be both quiet and loud.

Your best use of your strength lies in the best you give to others.

Be strong; listen hard.

There is strength beyond strength; when you’re done, you aren’t.

Find your center: find your strength.

Rembrandt and Vermeer invented light; Monet and Seurat reinvented it.

Chagall painted magic animals; then he taught love how to levitate.

Artemisia Gentileschi gave women back their bodies.

Michelangelo turned a ceiling into the Bible.

We love Frida Kahlo; she painted our pain.

Renoir made paint party.

Charles Burchfield painted a cathedral using a forest.

Rembrandt van Rijn out-detailed reality.

Emily Carr turned trees into saints.

Matisse, Picasso, Duchamp, Kandinsky, Warhol and Pollock threw a geometricized, essentialized and energized reality in our faces; that somewhat frightened us.

Mary Cassatt sat down in a crowd of men and turned mothers and children into paint.

Kandinsky played the piano with paint.

Monet gave the haystacks dignity.

Giotto brought the icons to tears.

Van Gogh — if only he could have known how much we would love him.

Jacob Lawrence painted a migration so he could teach us to see a people.

Modern art is life — with the arms knocked off.

Easier stuck than beyond the muck.

As we lunge forward; hindrances fall back.

Movement births improvement.

Life is a staircase; the trick is when to go up, when to go down.

A step up is someday followed by a step down.

Life doesn’t offer smooth plane rides; we lurch and bounce to future skies.

Living things grow, growing things change; changing things live.

If you can’t walk, crawl; if you can’t crawl, roll.

Run, swim, climb, fly — no need to ever ask us “Why?”

If you had 7.8 billion family members, your sense of responsibility would expand; you do.

Welcome strangers; they have more to teach you than your friends.

To understand your humanity; welcome your emotionality.

Invite feedback; welcome support; house help.

Sit down with your enemies; stand up with your friends.

Take in every keep out.

Roll out the red carpets for every color of every skin.

If you go in for a warm hug, watch out for a cool handshake.

For every person you meet throw the welcome party they deserve.

A baby’s smile is a parent’s joy.

Smile and your whole self smiles with you.

Smile through the tears; laugh through the years.

A smile casts sunshine on those clouded in self-doubt.

Smile at others; laugh at yourself.

Grin and bear it; smile and wear it.

File a smile stuck on to beguile.

Get high; try zygomatic major, add orbicularis oculi.

Crack a smile; break a void.

Emotions are the superglue that weld us to each other.

Many bonds weave the soul strong.

A long commitment secures a deep bond.

We bind, we bond, we bop along.

We bond unseen with dopamine.

Hatred creates a bond welded to a wrong.

When we stitch across the species boundary, we sew our planet together.

We grasp a hand; we tug a friend along the rope of time.

The spouse that takes the other for granted snaps the marital bond one strand at a time.

To love a baby is to make better world.

The wind blows, the branches sway, the soul chimes.

Kind words are zephyrs; they carry us on gentle breezes to each other

A wind to roam, a wind unknown and a soft, warm wind to carry us home.

Winds carry us to our wishes.

All hearts have trade winds.

A windy one sails a windy way.

The wind is one of the great reminders that powerful forces are often invisible.

Winds cool us and warm us; they gentle us and storm us.

Esteem brevity; avoid wind bags.

Winds excite kite makers, thrill sailors, and exhilarate dreamers.

The doldrums are no fun.

A mix of toilets and guests can become awkward — especially when plungers get involved.

“What?” takes on new and terrifying implications — the third time you must say it.

“Reply all” may precede a great fall.

Sex can be awkward; therein lies one of its chief charms.

We all fall down; at our best we lay there and laugh.

The best cure for awkwardness is laughter.

If you are the hero of your life, misdirect; if you are the goat, lie shamelessly.

You know you’ve arrived — but you won’t be sure where — when you look for your keys and find them in your hair.

Sneezing can be awkward — particularly the part when you are flicking a wad of snot off your neighbor’s shoulder.

Flatulence is funny; until it’s accompanied by what isn’t.

Love your awkwardness as your self.

A voice can end a violence.

A wound has a voice.

The most powerful voices are found in the least honored places.

Our own voice is a stranger — until we meet ourselves.

You don’t find your voice; it finds you.

Voices are created by places.

Tongues may be silenced, but bodies still speak.

Audibility is essential to safety.

Violence be afraid, abuse tremble, oppression quiver, a voice has called you out.

Throw down on every put down.

Rain down a relational rationality on racism.

It takes a story to down an oppressor.

Knocked down; pop up.

Down a shot of life; go back for more.

Down is dear to the up-too-long.

Down is not out.

Face down; open your mouth; take a bite.

Get down to the song your life sings.

Down isn’t a direction; it’s an interpretation.

Trends collect friends.

Start a band; prep a wagon.

Trends rule those they school.

Trendy is costly; at risk are the hotly.

Social proof and thinking goes poof.

The rage feeds on age.

Trends contain sudden ends.

The craze — it’s attended by haze.

Herds, flocks, droves and packs, humans move on tracks in stacks.

Buck trends; move to your own ends.

To avoid verbally shooting up the place, check yourself at the door.

Practice an authentic, integrated, consistent identity with others, and to your own self be few.

Don’t stick yourself on stand or shelf.

Love your body; kiss your brain; hug yourself without refrain.

Marry your self; don’t divorce.

To understand others understand yourself.

A consistent self is mental health.

When I love you I love myself.

“No” yourself; “yes” someone else.

You are one of the neighbors Jesus taught you to love.

One side best two plied.

One and done; two and pushing through.

One up, one down, a group to ride the merry-go-round.

A one-and-only — no alimony.

Number one is fun — briefly.

If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen one.

The top one percent — change resistant.

One good turn maintained is ten bad turns reframed.

In one fell swoop you can land in the poop.

All one; won all.

There is none but one.

Attention begets attention.

Attention is contagious, you can catch it from the attentive.

Pay attention, add interest.

Pay attention; you resemble your neighbor.

To pay attention to one thing is to blatantly ignore everything else.

After noticing what you need, notice what you don’t.

Attentiveness is the first step toward choosingness.

To be conscious of consciousness is to be human.

Alert is dessert, dull a desert.

Observations are the beginnings of conclusions.

Concentration is an art; it is perfected by concentrating.

Attention is a form of relief; one is relieved of everything not attended to.

Love is attention, compounded with inattention.

Dear is a child; double dear is a child’s child.

Hold yourself dear; hold others dearest.

Safe appears dear after fear.

Time is dear; dears are time.

Dear deserves devotion.

What’s dear we keep near.

“Dear” rings old — like gold.

“Yes dear,” ranks among the wisest phrases in the English language.

Health is dear; we discover that when it is gone.

A cash cow is full of chips.

There is no cold, hard cash; cash is lukewarm, limp and floppy.

We go toe-to-toe for the rhino.

We all know the truth: Love can buy you some really big money.

Eight or nine million dollars is overrated; the real money is in 0’s and 1’s.

Cash may buy a stash or just perhaps a long eyelash.

You can take some cash out, but it won’t bring the love back in.

All it takes to tangle the world are thin, paper rectangles with numbers on their corners.

It takes some dough to get some golden, crunchy crust.

Dough may be a smushy beginning, but it’s the way to a firm ending.