Attention begets attention.

Attention is contagious, you can catch it from the attentive.

Pay attention, add interest.

Pay attention; you resemble your neighbor.

To pay attention to one thing is to blatantly ignore everything else.

After noticing what you need, notice what you don’t.

Attentiveness is the first step toward choosingness.

To be conscious of consciousness is to be human.

Alert is dessert, dull a desert.

Observations are the beginnings of conclusions.

Concentration is an art; it is perfected by concentrating.

Attention is a form of relief; one is relieved of everything not attended to.

Love is attention, compounded with inattention.

Dear is a child; double dear is a child’s child.

Hold yourself dear; hold others dearest.

Safe appears dear after fear.

Time is dear; dears are time.

Dear deserves devotion.

What’s dear we keep near.

“Dear” rings old — like gold.

“Yes dear,” ranks among the wisest phrases in the English language.

Health is dear; we discover that when it is gone.

A cash cow is full of chips.

There is no cold, hard cash; cash is lukewarm, limp and floppy.

We go toe-to-toe for the rhino.

We all know the truth: Love can buy you some really big money.

Eight or nine million dollars is overrated; the real money is in 0’s and 1’s.

Cash may buy a stash or just perhaps a long eyelash.

You can take some cash out, but it won’t bring the love back in.

All it takes to tangle the world are thin, paper rectangles with numbers on their corners.

It takes some dough to get some golden, crunchy crust.

Dough may be a smushy beginning, but it’s the way to a firm ending.

Laugh your morass off; hang onto the rest of your body parts.

Laugh off your embarrassments; upon receiving honors, chuckle.

The first laugh has the last word.

To laugh all the way to the bank, invest all your savings in others.

“It only hurts when you laugh” means it only hurts when you move.

God laughs most; he cries most too.

The angels graph how often we laugh.

Those who chortle and those who laugh receive good will and a fine epitaph.

To win the favor of everyone offer a laugh a minute and a profundity an hour.

Cry — to keep from laughing.

Don’t shoot the messenger; feel free to shoot the message.

All messages contain the messenger.

Warmly receive messengers from above; be rude to those from below.

We are all messengers; our choice is what we deliver.

A message may assuage an age.

When life knocks us over and we go into battle lying down, we carry our message sideways, but we still must deliver it.

When dark messengers arrive at our doors, our job is to turn them away.

Don’t let your message deteriorate; hope depends on it.

Each experience crafts a message; we deliver our response to it.

Send messages to your core; keep them kind.

The body has a message for the mind.

As the planets are shrouded in clouds so our psyches are shrouded in mystery.

We quest for the sheen of the elusive unseen.

Glistening things await curious minds.

As a magnetic shield protects our earth so the will-to-live protects the human spirit.

Molten cores inhabit tortured souls.

What influences most is seen least.

As the gas giants rule their rings; so great reverences rule the earth..

An anomaly is a bizarrerie on its way to becoming a commonality.

As the sun ravages the planets so love ravages the earth.

Far things eat near things.

Dominance rules the human psyche; if you haven’t managed to clear out your neighborhood, you don’t rank.

One of the great goals of life is to live a story good enough to be retold.

Sometimes we chose our stories; sometimes they choose us.

Life is a story, told by a mystery, laden with kindness, signifying love.

Our stories are the tributaries of a great river; they converge where there is love.

A story wraps a meaning around a life.

Lives are messy; the stories told to justify them are messier.

Selfishness linearizes a story; generosity dimensionalizes it.

We restory our way to glory.

To write a good children’s story is a great accomplishments; to read one to a child is a great privilege.

We live our lives; we tell our stories; our final listeners are gracious.

The universe has a story told by the stars.

I am therefore I am.

Am in Latin is a sum, an ever changing one-plus-one.

We overrate the “am” debate.

Am is an amalgam made out of what will-come.

Love am; adore was; cherish will be.

Our existence is expressed as an irregular verb; it is lived out in an irregular fashion.

Your who-am-I is hard-to-tell.

I-am is grounded and rooted in I; I choose to turn this into a we.

I am; you are; we can.

The I-am maxim, is healed in tandem.

Deep silences make deep neighbors.

We suffer in the deep; we wash into the shallows.

Deep is time; shallow is the mind.

Dig deep; worry shallow.

Dive deep, swim through and splash out of every wall of water life throws at you.

The deep end is a fresh start.

Deep cries to shallow as shallow cries to deep.

A deep patience is wrought by a long life.

Deep suffering makes hard choices.

Deep — it’s never cheap.

If you are thrown into a deep hole dig a long tunnel to the surface.

In was invented, right before out.

Society is built on an in; it falls apart on an out.

The chief virtue of out is its independence; this is also its primary defect.

Out of the box eventually becomes the box.

A callout can be replaced by a callin.

What is out of the question may not be devoid of an answer.

If you turn 8 billion different people inside out you’ll find they are pretty much the same.

It’s out of order to divide families with a border.

Is is in and then it’s out; fashion forward then discount.

The key to me is me.

Love can pick a lock; it can open the door of a heart.

Don’t lose the keys — to yourself.

Kindness is a key fob; it is effective even from a distance.

Pain is a locked door; an opioid is a battering ram.

Art is a key; it unlocks an eye.

The key to confusion is stillness.

Insight is a key; it can unlock a mind.

The keys that open doors don’t open windows.

To see is key, but to hear is essential.

We jail ourselves with our thoughts; we throw away the key with our interpretations.

You can still buy a miracle, but it will come in the form of a pill.

A caplet can keep a mouth shut.

One pill for up, one pill for down, one pill to ride the merry-go-round.

A pill can heal — or kill.

Pills are no replacement for care.

To modern medicine the modern human is a modern pill box.

Pills and policies, potentates and colonies.

Lozenges sooth; love heals.

The pills we make both give and take.

Tablets put us to sleep and wake us up, but deep rest is found in safety.

Our worst memories fade; our best memories get brighter.

Humor is a matchstick; a crowd is a stack of wood.

Dark humor is relished by bright people.

The day glows; the night sparkles; the truth shines.

Bright moments exist in dark hours.

To smile is to shine a bright flashlight.

A kind touch is a bright torch.

The best bright loves the worst dim.

Dark emotions need bright behaviors.

Hugs warm; kisses color; words brighten.

Almost is often the beautiful and satisfying result of utmost.

Incomplete can still compete.

My almost for His foremost.

Sometimes is more honest than always.

A partial victory is the satisfying reward given to acceptance.

Almost is a kind of first — and last.

Effort is often heroic and exists as a kind of loss steeped in valiant.

Life is not summiting; it’s trailblazing.

Almost is a routine part of disciplined practice.

Almost is always moving to a home in need of remodeling.

Almost is one of the most beautiful and coveted outcomes of total.

Human is birthed; race is assigned; love is a choice.

Racism is the wrong that recks the world.

You can conquer a racist army but not conquer the hated that created it.

Defining race is a failing chase.

The concept of race is a falsity determined by superficialities.

Colors are considered universally beautiful — until it comes to skin.

Racism arises from rules and descend into chaos.

Racism is a smallness; it is destroyed by a largeness.

Abolitionists, suffragists and racists have one thing in common — human.

Charity transcends biology.

First responsibility, then contentment.

Contentment feeds on the minute and feasts on the hour.

Contentment compounds no complacency.

Satisfaction has a deep tap root in acceptance.

The discontent, hell bent.

Laziness is being comfortable with what’s unacceptable.

Entrenchment breeds a false contentment.

Sanctity spawns serenity.

Peace of mind makes peace with question marks.

Limits have summits.

A pleasure is ever close to a line.

Life’s limits lie in life’s cards.

We can’t take more; we do.

Reality tests the limits; vision expands them.

A limit is an invitation.

Within limits resides leisure.

No limits is a fiction.

The wise mind honors the limited body.

Speeds kills; so does inertia.

Faith begins as a noun; it ends as an action verb.

Faith sees the future and acts.

Faith is a gift; despair is a labor.

Faith is like certainty; it needs testing.

Faith isn’t blind, but it might have only one eye and blink.

Certainty is friends with arrogance; faith hangs out around humility.

Faith in everyday realities is commonplace, in radical change, rare.

Beginnings test vision; endings test faith.

Doubt is not the opposite of faith; anger is.

Doubt seasons faith just as salt seasons meat.

Faith enters the house through a hidden door.

Every second of every day the need for restoration begins.

Every day, old becomes new to someone.

Ever new is old.

To restore is to love.

To restore, abhor, then adore.

Restoration takes passion — and money.

Restoration understands the past and sees the future.

Knowledge is the mother of renewal.

Wisdom loves old and old loves wisdom.

A junkyard is a treasure chest.

We rush about in circles, looking for centers.

Simple is complex.

At the edge of chaos we reach for the circle of simplicity.

Complexity seeks serenity.

Wealth is a complexity chasing a simplicity.

Global is local.

Complexities have changed the world — 1,647 and 174,465.

We need quiet — not too much.

Biodiversity is the complexity that saves.

Quality has deep roots in quantity.

By means of invention we have obliterated distance, annihilated silence, decimated disease and perpetuated our craving for love.