Expand; you’ll defend. 

Expansion — it’s reduction, attended by disruption. 

Expansion thins; thin breaks. 

Agency rides on passion, spurred by possibility. 

Every expansion needs a companion. 

To expand, contract into something larger. 

Expansion is a risk; maintenance more so. 

Reduce activity; expand thought; make better decisions. 

Expand your experience; flee your ego. 

The restless soul washes against the sea wall erected by the group. 

Expandamongers don’t last longer. 

Dental work is best brief; apologies need less relief.

Contrition is compunction, solving dysfunction. 

Contrition replaces nothing with something. 

Before apologizing, learn. 

Contrition —  no rope, a 5.15 pitch. 

Contrite at night; by day, we fight. 

Contrition — it’s a persistence. 

Remorse is a horse; compensation is a cow. 

True contrition has few words, and a million emotions. 

Give away apologies freely; store memories in a box with no lid. 

Amplitude expands a mood, and silence makes it stronger. 

A feeling sends us reeling; a thought catches us.  

With every quiet, soloed brood comes the thinking-calming mood. 

Plentitude is good for mood. 

Decor is mood; design is attitude. 

Color spills from the mind; hue, value, chroma twine. 

Moods and seasons; thoughts and reasons.  

Mood is found in family food. 

Fire and rain; passion and brain.  

As sweet and savory equals good so warm and safe equals mood. 

Feel, reel, congeal. 

What we cannot see caused us to be. 

Biology and broccoli determine human destiny. 

You are who you came from; you choose where you go from there.   

Genes trump memes. 

All people are my people. 

A variation of you lived before you. 

We live within a line receding into the past; we exist at the head of a vanishing series of human dots. 

Genetic traits are good at waits. 

Biology is the world’s most infamous plagiarizer. 

Twenty-two makes me and you. 

Make no apology, for genealogy.

Honor your county; treasure the world. 

A nation is too small a place for a human.

Strive not for a great nation; labor mightily for a great world. 

Goodbye nation; hello world. 

Nation  — it is the enemy of human.  

We are born contingent; we can choose to be world citizens.   

Cosmopolitan — better run!

The state will hate. 

A nation is a unity, raging against a harmony.

A border — it’s a developmental disorder.

As preschoolers hit each other so the nations go to war. 

The best nations seek foreign friends. 

Haste makes safe.

Healthy rests on safely. 

Safe needs not sound. 

Safety sires sincerity. 

Physically safe, first base. 

I am only as safe to you as I am to me. 

To effectively process unsafe emotions find safe people. 

Safe is a dangerous assumption. 

Safe exists within risk. 

Safe with ourselves; safe with others. 

Safe, temporary; risk, constant. 

Humanity — it is a pack of vicious animals with the capacity for unconditional love. 

Humanity’s insanity rises from our consanguinity.  

Humanity — a thinking inanity.

Humanity is a concept; it’s in need of a precept. 

Humanity and vanity, both gravity and fantasy.

Humanity — it’s a holy profanity. 

Humanity — it is everything on earth that is not honest. 

We love humanity; we cringe over other’s version of it. 

Love people; don’t expect them to do the right thing. 

Love humanity; prevent insanity.

Humanity is what we have in common — both what we celebrate and what we are ashamed of.

Getting famous is easy; making peace with it — that’s crazy. 

Fame is height, for the short. 

Fame thinks it’s invincible — even after it isn’t. 

Uninvited shame’s the bane of fame. 

Fame — wolf’s bane. 

Fame creates its own version of reality; reality eventually corrects that. 

Our famous self is not often our true self. 

Fame is like surgery: They take your arm, place you on a flat surface, remove a piece of you; a long recovery is required. 

Famous — it seems to be relationally heinous. 

Known to the bone, fame’s only way home.

Transparent — not inherent. 

We are all just fine as long as we all just keep lying.

Much of what we don’t know about others we don’t want to.

Transparency concerning weakness is stickum; concerning hardship, glue; failure, cement.

Openness is built on the back of trust; it is carried forward on shoulders of loyalty.

All scams begin with transparency; they end with sincere assurances.

Chosen, open; broken, frozen.

Do anything to avoid being an object of concern — hide, dissemble, prevaricate, then lie.  

When you make mistakes be transparent, but when you win awards put up a adamantine, opaque, bullet proof wall. 

We are only as transparent as we are honest. 

Transparency saddles up vocabulary; rides on syntax and falls into a hole dug by pragmatics. 

Transparency is primarily, inherently deterrently. 

The ultimate knows no intimate. 

The ultimate    it always includes some befuddlement. 

The ideal makes us kneel; the real stands us back upright. 

Find the heel; peel the ideal. 

Utmost — it’s almost. 

Paramount usually isn’t. 

Supreme — our dream; extreme, our reality. 

Superlative is desired, hired, required and admired    then fired. 

Highest, lowest; slowest focus. 

Cardinal; farcical. 

Being is fleeting; doing is flitting. 

Doing is a kind of being.

Doing winks slyly at being while passing. 

Doing is on mission; being prefers a cushion. 

Doing has no sympathy for being’s fine tuned symmetry. 

Doing pauses for reflection; being reflects on pausing.

Doing involves eschewing what‘s nothing. 

Youth is some doing, old is some ruing.

Life begins with doing; in the middle is a lot of justifying; in the end comes the hushing.

Doing requires explaining; being requires merely claiming.  

To be is dreaming; to act, redeeming. 

Doing brings change; being, the same. 

Full? Bull!

Complete is always replete  — with tiny holes. 

Fractional fuels every full. 

Gorged — it’s the downside of bounteous. 

Sated is overrated. 

Full is a feeling; hunger is a force. 

As long as one person is empty none of us are full. 

Full is the quasi-contemporary temporary. 

Full is a feeling; partial is a reality. 

Satisfied is hope ratified. 

When expectations are fulfilled, hearts register full.

Resent; be bent. 

Be contentful or be resentful. 

Functionally, resentment is multiplication; operationally, it is division.

Resentments sound like thunder; retaliations unleash like lightning.

Resentments sequester — then fester.

One slight is just irritating; a series, that’s enraging. 

Excuses feed resentments; denials engorge them. 

Resentments are like math; they are binary operations. 

Personal success is an antidote for personal resentment.

Resent the decision, but don’t limit your options.

Zero — it’s a Nero. 

Nothing is always something. 

Hierarchy’s m.o. is a quid pro zero. 

Filch zilch. 

Lip is zip.

A lifer’s a cipher. 

Chill nil with your will. 

Anyoneless is everythingness. 

Zeros are heroes, check cash flows, buy chateaus.  

To be great is to be grateful.

No brag, all thanks, that ranks.

Thanks — it banks.

Breathe tudegrati; be fullgrate.

Brokenness builds thankfulness.

Grateful for people; content with things.

Grateful — it’s the vocal ensemble of the wakeful.  

Altitude may lack gratitude. 

Melt all bitter winters of loss with all sweet springs of gratefulness.  

We are only as grateful as we are observant. 

We hatch in shallows; we flounder into depths. 

Shallow calls to shallow. 

You can easily drown in a shallow mind. 

Shallows run fast to falls.

A deep life makes for a shallow grave. 

Sail a shallow sea to a rising continent.

Swim swift-shallow. 

A hot sun withers shallow roots, so conflict sucks the life out of friendship. 

Canyons run deep, plains run shallow, lives run amuck. 

Shallow — it may merely be fallow. 

Calm comes from knowing your stance; satisfaction comes from taking it.

A wise stance is not the same as a wide stance. 

Take a stance; prepare to dance!

A stance is best propped with confidence; it is best topped with skepticism. 

A perspective is a box: a stance is a prison. 

A posture, a gesture; a stance, a feather. 

Your say-so; my volcano. 

Remarks originate in incidences; they morph in memories. 

Take an effective stand; discern when to shut up. 

If you dig yourself into a hole, don’t plant yourself there.

Life serves up sheer disappointments; it tops them off with semi-partial enlightenments. 

Sheer effort, rare; didn’t try  — everywhere!

All out is a shout; conserved, a whispered verve. 

No holds barred bars one hold — compassion. 

Sheer is ever near. 

Sheer fear, our faithful peer. 

Sheer gain — it’s wolfsbane.

Sheer joy, it’s coy. 

Dice toss, possible loss; hedged bet, possible net. 

Madness sheer; gladness — occasionier. 

One’s sheer is another’s cavalier. 

Respect two things: Skin and “No.”

Respect is a boat; it ferries us to each other. 

Respect others; do this by shutting up. 

Respecting — it’s not over-directing. 

Over-respecting ourselves results in under-respecting others. 

Even total respect is no blank check.  

It is by keeping the private, private that we respect the public.

Deep respect lies in the shallows of a good plan. 

Death — it’s the late road to respect.

We tend to respect those above us and inspect those beside us.

Listening is the second highest form of respect; doing what we are told is the first. 

What we agree too we don’t always agree with. 

To listen is to leave ourselves; to agree is to arrive at someone else. 

A good compromise gives up the pie for the slice. 

A marriage is an agreement to disagree agreeably — mostly. 

Agree in discussions; avoid verbal concussions. 

To completely agree is to leave something out.

Stubbornness digs in; agreement shovels the way out. 

Experience teaches us that we can like those we disagree with; maturity teaches us that we can love those who are wrong. 

Old agreements are strong bridges to good futures. 

Assiduously avoid suicide; don’t be more agreeable than you actually are. 

How good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in disagreement.