Lovelies come out; in doubt or devout.

Everywhere lovelies; nowhere not.

Lovelies — they heal us from hatelies.

Imperfect subtracts nothing from lovely.

A hole, beautiful; a fault, exult.

There are many shades of lovely, a million hues in you and me.

Helping is lovely, not is ugly.

Love grows lovely, fairness fairer.

Lovely lasts shortly — mostly.

Lovely isn’t defined by metrics; it’s defined by authentics.

My lovelies above me, below me, thereof me.

There are lovelies yet to be found at the bottom of the sea, in the far reaches of the universe and on the surface of the soul.

The best plan includes how to land.

We must plan a ton of fun to cure our soul’s massive boredom.

Scheme to dream.

The steps of a plan appear along the way.

To be successful, plan for the success of others.

Every good leader is planning for the next one.

Design in color; finish in the black.

Hope exists in a plan, joy in a celebration.

Hope is dope, but to land you need a plan.

Plans change; the wise reframe.

Secede from your self; join someone else.

Plan on dying.

Hell has no fury like an ambition scorned.

Offended, upended; emotional, notional.

The left out break in.

We go off over a trifle; we tolerate a rifle.

Nothing offends like silence.

A connotation galls; nuances become walls.

Weakness covers up a multitude of offenses.

Sling the sting; become a thing.

The true saint, no complaint.

Success offends; failure softens.

Dominance upends; commonness befriends.

Two cures best, zest then rest.

The eyes of the seer cure fear.

We need no cure — only dinner.

Touch cures; skin cheers.

Death leers at all cures; life grins back.

Diseases galore, remedies poor, the distant shore.

When there is no cure, we begin to understand.

Science and religion — different questions, different remedies.

To cure fear, go there.

Soft words heal harsh actions.

Grace squeegees the shamed; love swabs the maimed.

Improve the earth; cure the cures.

Cash is a kind of cover — the cold, thin, comfortless kind.

Money buys the cover up; it also buys the low down.

The rich take, then cover; the poor take cover.

Ever the cover for under-the-covers.

The cloak covers the dagger; it suffocates the wagger.

The path to the highest office of the country runs straight through a series of nondisclosure agreements.

Kill the story; rise to glory.

Integrity possesses an intrinsic invisibility; falsity buys one.

Faithful lovers don’t need covers.

Take cover, behind integrity.

Goodness needs no hiddenness.

Slack makes lack.

Traffic in lazy; make everyone crazy.

Heal apathy, using passion.

Doing doesn’t require feeling.

The lazy sigh and don’t know why.

Every sloth ruins some cloth.

Negligental; detrimental.

Bliss — it’s passionless.

Love has no lazy.

Cavort and snort; trash the report.

Frolic — on melancholic.

Prance to chance, first glance, romance.

Cut loose; go off — abstruse.

Slog through every bog; give happy thanks for all mud banks.

Everyday, swoon to the moon; zoom to Saturn on a plume.

Gambol through the stock market; stomp through the job market.

Carry on; finish it off.

Flip and dip both bip and pip.

Hooray, for every fiercely fought fine day.

Life is earth and birth, then girth and mirth.

At every birth the universe begins again.

Nascency begins the narrative life plays out.

Beauty and birth, the hope of the earth.

Embrace poverty, disease and exhaustion — have babies.

“Bye!” follows hard on every “Hi!”

At birth, celebrate; in life, formulate; at death, abdicate.

Life is gushy, quite mushy, both slushy and flushy.

There’s a time to why, and a time to fly.

It’s breath, breadth, shibboleth, then death.

Die with your boots on, charging injustice, reformative guns blazing!

Live longer; rest more; die with your slippers on.

We live short and die long.

The soul softly slips down death’s swept scape.

It’s easy to live; what takes a lot of work is to die.

We die when we despair, live again when we hope.

To live, to die, perhaps to wake — now there’s the hope.

The dead rest, in memory’s soft nest.

Live close to those who live; die next to those who die.

To cry, to why, to live, to die.

Expect a bad outcome; you’ll get one.

Believe in people; put no trust in their consistency.

Most cynicism can be traced back to one source — a harmful person.

Protect against disappointment; cultivate a cheerful pessimism.

To explore the exquisite permutations of cynicism — age.

All’s well; the terminally chipper will cancel out the obstinately miserable.

There is no hope that people will be wise, only that they might be rescued.

Our species will not be restrained, but it may be forgiven.

The convivial cynic is full of faith — in humor.

Cultivate hope; laugh your sass off.

Be leery, but stay cheery.

Be honorable; stay dressed.

Aspire to greatness; keep your zipper up.

Sleep with your spouse; stay awake with everyone else.

To zip on high, keep it zipped on low.

The great mystery of the race, it’s lie on lie with a straight face.

To harm a child is to raid a community.

One of the shocks of life: The most trusted, the most untrustworthy.

The doe eyes of the abused peak through the ragged holes of the abuser.

To abuse is one kind of horror; to look the other way is another.

Believe the lowly; doubt the highly.

Collateral abuse lies in turning away from the harmed.

Few can quell their tilted hell.

Rants are fueled by slants.

Cut to the truth, not on the bias.

Bias, bias the bane of the pious.

Bias peeks from behind the ragged edge of every approval.

Bias gorges enthusiasm; it pukes hatred.

Judgment bent is wisdom rent.

Skewed; the other side gets screwed.

Convinced to the hilt is ever on tilt.

Our loveliest conversations are with those who share our biases; these are also our most dangerous conversations.

The crowd loves jack; the pack loves verbosmack.

As flies feast on decay so weakness suppers on braggadocio.

Puffed fluffs; fluffed puffs.

Windbags sail all fine ships toward themselves.

Verbal lather; rabble slather.

Nations rise on cannonade; they fall on gasconade.

Master the art of bragging; become President.

Everyone brags; some use words.

Modesty brags, using silence.

The swagger, the bragger, the lift, the dagger.

All brags will one day sag, all bull someday go null.

Salt it; vault it.

Preserve the best; toss the rest.

Experience is a vault, memory a salt.

The image we retain, bright gold in quartz’s grain.

Endings simplify; death completely declutters.

The mind mothballs our tattered memory halls.

Tie down all good; secure all virtue; launch into the storm.

Heal a body, it sickens again; mature a soul, it lasts forever.

Feed the ever-voyaging spirit; leave the body at the shore.

Assiduously harbor your successes; gently release your failures.

Let go the weak off-tempo beep; dance to psyche’s persistent suite.

To be the saint, ditch the paint.

Forget repute; aim for astute.

Pasts rule reputations.

Those in power may have their hour, but the rest of us get a lifetime to work out who we are.

Reputations are like May, and flies.

Every abuse trashes multiple resumes.

Underneath every strength lurks a hidden weakness.

Never hide your failures; this lowers expectation on you while enhancing other’s reputations.

Live with one eye vultured on your values, the other eye loyal to your loves and no eye left for the crowd.

Some craft a reputation by how they live, others by how they die.

Risk nothing; in this way, you will fashion a lasting reputation for having no reputation at all.

The best reputations are the byproducts of the best choices.

A reputation made in a moment may last for an eternity.

If there are no doors go through the walls.

Every wall is a door.

Opportunity knocks on closed doors; importunity kicks them down.

Time flutters at every window; space floats in every doorway.

Every exit is an entrance.

Live well; paint doors; hang art.

At every door we abandon something.

The future is the door we haven’t yet opened.

Behind the door, all families war.

The wall, the floor, the door, the more.

The second human required the first lawsuit.

The best bargains are found just outside the worst courts.

Abort, abort — the judge doth snort.

All creativity ends in a lawsuit.

The law created the suit.

The suit gets the suite.

If you go to court, you’ll buy a suit.

The one with the most lawsuits wins.

Drag it out; chalk it up.

An incident is a grocery store; a lawsuit is a shopping cart.

The loot is moot in a just lawsuit.

When we encounter insidious maladies, we fashion tortuous cures.

Cancer is a deranged emperor giving crazed orders to a rampageous army.

Cancer crosses all motes, storms all castles.

Malignant; get indignant.

Slash the mass; chem the thing.

Fiend friend, delays the end.

Chem it; damn it; hack it; slam it.

Math it; cure it.

Cancer is an excess; hope is a norm.

The clonal bout, the charnel house, the backdoor out.

Fearful to have; terrible to witness; excruciating to treat; joyful to cure.

In the end, the only magic bullet is love.

Own blown; confess mess.

To every mess — except one — we assign a villain.

Agency makes a mess; morality fixes it.

Between our lines lie tangled vines.

Even the best pack a mess.

Stuck runs amuck.

The mess that may not be understood may nonetheless be stopped.

Ethos saves us from chaos.

A word can topple a kingdom; a line can bury it.

A hot mess beats a cold fish.

The suit gets the loot.

Out is in and inside out.

Clothes make the mood.

Dress to impress — one, not the rest.

Size does not epitomize the prize.

Classy is dressing your toes; brassy is looking straight down your nose.

Dress up; stay home; compliment yourself.

A headline can start a war; a dress can derail a civilization.

Every dress fits an occasion; every man is not one.

Dresses have power for more than an hour.

Every girl in every dress compares herself to all the rest.