To age well die young.

Age gracefully; stay home mostly.

Age publicly; ache silently.

Don’t get old; get venerable.

Aging is not for sissies; it’s for bellyachers, complainers, grumblers and moaners.

Aging compulsory; engaging elective.

Old isn’t cute; it can be a hoot.

A small village can raise a child, but it takes a major city to care for a senior.

Senility is the crisis, midlife just a virus.

The greatest wealth — it’s mental health.

Everyone is crazy to someone.

Stay in the game; feign sane.

Sanity is chemistry — mixed with artistry.

Fame is insane.

Whacked is subjective; sane is deflective.

Insanity always has a long history.

We are about as sane as we choose to be — if you rule out the effects of disease, aging, enemies and parents.

Insanity increases with loneliness; it doubles with rejection.

Contingent causes behingement.

There is no shame in a worn out brain.

Geology, theology — neither needs apology.

Time is deep, and space is steep.

From fossils come cities.

Geologically, is, isn’t.

The past moves.

Our origins meet below our feet.

It’s twice, it’s thrice we came from ice.

Time, time, time — the DNA of human kind.

The universe is a library, the earth a novel, humans a short story.

In the strata of the earth we find the fingerprint of God.

We live and move and have our being within the lovely Pleistocene.

Gorgeous — it’s torturous.

Taste lays waste to grace.

Gorgeous carries no guarantees.

Gorgeous, the finest design, and a kind and gentle mind.

Sublime and kitsch; it’s the same ditch.

What is at first interesting is at at last gorgeous.

Justice — it’s gorgeous.

Gorgeously hideous is the sacred perfidious.

Virtuosity is the house servant of gorgeosity.

The modern world bellows down aesthetic’s quiet hall.

Disgusting — it’s gut-busting.

Gauche is funny, louche is money.

A good gag, gags.

Benign crime — just kills us.

A short distance murders a long propriety.

Louche gains nothing from abstruse.

Familiarity breeds offense.

Be in poor taste and you’ll be chased.

Life is hilariously gross, rollickingly morose.

Oafish, thuggish, rudish, brutish.

We torture and sigh and adhere to a lie.

Self-torture yields a false confession.

What tortures one delights another.

Fame tortures the soul, but obscurity completely rips the heart out.

Weak tortures; strong nurtures.

Rapport trumps torture.

The tortured lie; the befriended amplify.

Pain is our torturer; it is also our trustworthy reporter.

Unrequited love is the highest form of self-torture.

We torture our loves to test their tenacities.

The tortuosity of life; the blissification of death.

Paucity — it’s a monstrosity.

Not enough is rough.

Scarcity is the reality that becomes a verity.

Gratefulness banishes scarcity.

Immorality is simply surfeiting on the same planet as the starving.

Paucity follows every atrocity.

There is no shame in not enough; there is in too much.

We dabble in the grandiose when we fail at the grand.

Paucity — it’s not virtuosity.

Little acts big.

Lack is crack.

Foreign ideas exist within the familiar recesses of every sentient mind.

I am the human race; nothing is foreign to me.

I see in me both thee and we.

To the curious, nothing remains foreign.

Foreign is not a choice; its a place.

Geography divides; biology unites.

Foreign confuses familiar uses.

Foreign is simply what I haven’t yet experienced.

Foreign is born — then worn.

Foreign is now domestic, and domestic foreign.

Equality is the best policy.

People are policy.

The policy is in the details.

Every policy prophesizes its own violation.

The deepest intentions of our hearts surface in the shallow waters of our public polices.

Foreign policy is domestic polity.

Policy — it saves us from entropy.

Policy’s pathology originates in the eye and spreads to the mouth.

One person’s policy is another person’s cobwebbery.

A very selective honesty combined with an artful subtly is a
the best policy.

Theology has no policy but love.

Extreme gets mean.

Solutions lurk toward the middle.

Extreme is a scene.

In extremity exists our enmity.

An extreme problem may require an extreme solution.

Extreme politics pack the ear and poke the eye.

Our extremes limit our means.

Extreme problems love moderate solutions.

Limit your extremes to your supreme dreams.

The way out of extreme circumstances is quickly.

The most — it’s a temporary boast.

Two sides, double wise.

To hate balance is to prefer violence.

No penance is needed for balance.

Wisdom teeters, then it totters.

Surveillance is needed for balance.

Balance, using repentance.

Grace insures law.

Hug one thing; kiss its opposite.

Hone sentience, using silence.

Wise — it’s both sides.

Make friends when you can, but absolutely insist on securing some enemies.

We apologize for the lesser to avoid the greater.

Every contrition includes an omission.

An qualified apology thrives on amphibology.

Every ”sorry” holds an inquiry.

Apology — it’s a branch of immunology.

Apologize — or metastasize.

At the heart of every sincere apology is love.

A superfluous apology is empathy’s choreography.

Apologize as needed for what you’ve done, never for who you are.

Modern  forgiviology rests upon apology.

We subtract from the past to add to the present.

Every addition — it’s a subtraction.

Additionality — it’s not an eventuality.

All additions feed on revisions.

Additions — they can assume the form of prisons.

Addition’s precision is a false religion.

Addition — it’s an affliction.

Additioned is the privilege of the positioned.

Every rich person once invested in social capital.

Resources engender names; connections father gains.

With has pith.

The good is with, the best amidst.

Side-by-side is a good ride.

Loneliness makes us sick; withliness fixes it.

Alone is keenly known by whiff of with.

Banish with and banish all the world.

Withify, signifify.

Add with; multiply amidst.

Row, row, row your skiff, gently down the with.

With is God and God is with.

Some ends will mend.

Odd has no end.

At all ends make full amends.

Ends are odd.

The end bends — toward infinity.

Celebrate ends; elevate beginnings.

Bend ends with friends.

Some ends we choose; at some we lose.

Beginnings don’t last; endings come fast.

Phase in, move on, age out.

At the end of me I find the beginning of you.

Live adagio; die allegro.

Blithe makes right.

Stay calm; promote the general welfare.

Cool your jets; school your bets.

Soothed dissolves bemused.

Insouciant is a legal euphoriant.

Lay back; pounce lightly.

Ease is a breeze.

Unflappable; unstoppable.

Poised is denoised.

Ataraxia created the galaxia.

Live plucky and ducky and happy-go-lucky.

Discern your self; understand everyone else.

War for knowledge; woo for discernment.

Zero judgment; complete discernment.

Fear blinds the mind.

Prompt answers; ask questions.

Pain has lessons for the brain.

I understand therefore I’m quiet.

Learnment — it precedes discernment.

Fall in love, leaning slowly.

Only time knows all.

Abditory is never obligatory.

Precognition; good decision.

Attend every sign; read before you align.

To help, shut up.

Don’t yelp, help.

The truth that hurts helps.

It helps to know when helping harms.

To help, hand over the tools.

Failure aids future raids.

Helping is quite magical, taking over tragical.

Help is a wizard’s wand, but wizards don’t come from wands.

Helping showers; advising empowers.

There is the quip and the whip — or the responsibility-based relationship.

Purpose crafts a thousand circuits.

Purpose has perks; aimlessness mucks about in murk.

On purpose is a blast furnace.

To purpose is to be responsible.

All aspire to what few acquire.

Purpose stomps over the top of neglect’s chest.

To have no purpose is a personal disservice.

Endeavor forever — occasionally.

If you aim low shoot high.

Resolute litters the earth with bodies.

To make a good start, intend a good end.

The genial Ben Genius was known for his great keenliness.

Been too frank, then rethink.

A Franklin per day keeps the creditors at bay.

Frankness is next to godliness.

A plethora of pains offer no gains.

A national uncle — not kite and key — is history’s gift to you and me.

To counterfeit is death; authenticity is life and breath.

To avoid the penitentiary, lean toward the evidentiary.

Early to rise and late to bed, makes a man stealthy, wealthy and dead.

Love your friends for they overlook your faults.

Go slow quickly.