Benchmarks empty wallets.

Upgrade your tech; downgrade your net.

Upgrade; you’re made.

Consumer tiers, maintained by fears.

Apex predators upgrade through their creditors.

Youth upgrades; age downsizes.

The latest upgrade creates another version of the oldest hierarchy.

Upgrade — to humility.

Usability drives an upgrade; fashionability sells it.

You can sell an upgrade to too many people too much of the time.


Nothing complains like helplessness.

The helpless help less.

Helplessness is schooled by hopelessness.

We are born helpless; we die helped.

Helplessness is a choice — until it isn’t.

By claiming we can’t, we avoid we can.

Helping increases helplessness.

Help less; empower more.

The tongue helps, but not like the ear.

By accepting help we avoid helplessness.

Poison is subtle, before it is trouble.

The production of Sarin is the proof of evil.

Easy to make; hard to shake.

The poison sets in the instant we begin to despise each other.

Massively poison your enemies with love.

Revenge is rat poison; it kills the rat killers.

We poison ourselves gradually with constant, tiny, bitter doses of self-judgment.

Jealousy is Arsenic, but backstabbing is Ricin.

Poison all husbands with empathy, all wives with understanding.

Poison brain — the world’s refrain.

The human brain was the lab in which the first poison was manufactured.

The next quest lies in the next question.

Exploration was the first discovery.

The next find is in the next try.

Exploration takes courage — and funding.

Two passions fuel all explorers: craving and braving.

To quest or rest, roam or go home?

Exploration is gambling, on rambling.

We venture out to wade back in.

Space and sea decree gutsy.

Boredom discovered the new world; fascination explored it.

The brain is deeper that the sea; consciousness is deeper than space.

Blessed are the undiscovered.

Greatness originates in smallness.

Succeed lowly.

Great packs weight.

To achieve greatly isn’t enoughly.

They’ll make you great when they close their eyes.

Achievement is best sustained by naps.

Greatness blocks awareness of our leastness.

When they call you great, they have mistaken you for someone else.

It is a greatness to steward our smallness.

Great must wait and wait.

We shrink from our own greatness because we don’t wish to be responsible for it.

Nothing endures like helplessness.

Not quitting is it’s own reward.

If brooding keep moving.

To get this, quit that.

Slog the bog.

A slow mixer beats a quick fixer.

Upon stopping, start.

Failure opens opportunity.

Sleeping is a form of enduring.

Endure what you can’t; quit what you can.

Blessed are the enduring for they shall receive endurance.

Live slowly, die quickly, depart softly.

We deteriorate slowly and rest in pieces.

Garner sympathy; linger longly.

When you buy the farm, they’ll sell the house.

We celebrate lives to avoid thinking about deaths.

With fest and jest we’re laid to rest.

Gone on to a better place is an assumption few wish to test.

Bite the dust here; spit it out there.

Die with your truths on.

Food for worms; companions for the angels.

Those no longer with us anymore party on a distant shore.

Gardens sooth cities.

Flowers save us from sameness.

Mud for the boys; bouquets for the poised.

Flowers and honey work for the money.

An orchard is a wilderness, laid out in rows.

We arrived with the flowers; surrounded by them we depart.

Bt, temporarily.

GM — diversity’s end.

Storm, drought, bug, blight, every garden is a fright.

A garden is a complexity, dressed without perplexity.

Semper Augustus may finally disgust us.

All gardens dance to chance, and prance to wind and rain.

Rows rule the rabble.

Lines dominate the living.

Order wants a border.

Clutter needs a closet; conflict needs a conversation.

Order is freedom; freedom is orderly.

Virtue has a pattern; so does evil.

Make your bed; set your destiny.

Take charge of yourself so no one else has to.

The primordial chaos was eaten by the alphabet.

Two errors: too much control, none.

Civilization began in a garden; it will end in space.

Honor every woman; for her launch a thousand ships.

Dig constantly, for libraries.

Cradles for babies, tombs for treasures.

To lose a city, build it in the clouds.

We all live at the foot of the volcano.

Go get more, Q1, Q4

The past is at bay, Linear B, Linear A.

Look for Lucy; find yourself.

All great armies come to rest in the mud.

Dig up every Rosetta Stone, by this-is-like-this the past is known.

No regrets; massive forgets.

Forgetting is a medicine, the night manager’s sweet regimen.

To wonder don’t remember.

To see clearly, forget mostly.

Banish bad stories by reliving fine glories.

Memory is a bayonet, forgetting softest pirouette.

Dopamine will glean and clean.

To choose to forget is to remember to love.

Good memories consolidate; traumatic ones let dissipate.

You can’t rely on memory, but you can fully trust in oblivion.

Be ambitious, for quietness.

Lots of ego needs a credo.

Type A; get out of the way.

Sled, kick, mush, crack — to relax.

Heroes don’t have to be super.

Ambition is a city, contentment a quiet pond.

The cure for ambition is contentment.

If they make you a Caesar, later they’ll regret it.

Ambition has a rocket; purpose has a destination.

We are of great value; ambition does not increase that.

Small things; huge benefits.

Choose your friends; your enemies will choose you.

Close friends survive distant moves.

More friends; more solutions.

Friends last for a season; this is for a single reason.

Keep your friends close; keep your wife closer.

Friends may hiss, enemies kiss.

Friendliness is next to godliness.

Best friends call when there is no one at all.

We make friends, but we carefully craft enemies.

Don’t fail to show hospitality, by this some have entertained demons unawares.

The best me is us.

Plurality is humanity’s go-to modality.

Everything neural, rural and cure-all is plural.

We love therefore we are.

Survival is crucial, the means for it mutual.

Plurality is the pathway to oneness.

No one thrives alone.

Mutuality is the essence of sanity.

Everyone is single; no one is.

Every step forward is communal; every accomplishment is plural.

Love is a plurality; hate is a commonality.

President, elegant — humanity’s top resident.

Officialdom shatters; character matters.

A braggart, a basher and a bully is the boss of everyone but one.

A president is a person, pretending to be a personage.

We elect our desires; we impeach our impulses.

Public opinion elects presidents, and public perception relieves them of power.

The Presidency is a weakness paraded as a strength.

Presidents may fly by means of platitudes, but they land by means of policies.

A presidency is a high on the way to becoming a low.

Popularity paces all our popes and parses all our presidents.

A president is a plurality masquerading as a singularity.

The grand stage; the caparisoned horse.

Research is the better part of buying.

To buy is to get high; to sell is to get sober.

Buy slow; sell slower.

We buy and sigh and wonder why.

Buying is a privilege; selling is a relief.

Fall in love with what you can afford.

Buy what you can afford; afford what you can maintain.

To buy or not to buy — this is the obsession.

Buy adagio; sell allegro.

To never buy is to waste your money.

The first act of stupidity was the first over-application of the first rule.

A undersized office, an overbearing official.

Weak excuses are the bumbledom of weak leadership.

Pomposity always takes its precarious stand on top of a tiny achievement.

An officiality is a bumble; a technicality is a rumble.

Big egos inflate wee issues.

Bureaucratic arrogance diminishes intelligence.

Dignity is the fine coat we wear over the top of our discreet lowlinesses.

Fine form is nothing; a humble heart is everything.

Bumbledom, dumbletum; Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

One is a sum.

The wise know that the few matter.

Many are plenty, the right one nearly twenty.

Large awes; small thaws.

Ever few close many far.

Small may outplay all.

Small packs stacks.

Within love’s sweet ambit, small is all and bam is bit.

Small numbers; great wonders.

Strength in the residuals, beauty in vestigials.

A crowd is a brag; a few friends — greatly satisfying.

What can be held in the hands trumps the wealth of nations.

Blinkered we blunder.

Blinkered is careful, wide open awareful.

Small-minded is largely consequenced.

Confined is undermined.

Limit your outlook; limit your options.

Stricture blinkers.

Blinders dissect; wide open corrects.

Bias attacks; timid retracts.

Questions birth options.

Field of view — renew, renew.

Being human is about having a 210-degree forward-facing horizontal arc; being a god is about rotating ones head.

A rented tux — one night of luxe.

Luxury is styley, seductive and beguiley.

Luxury’s new scene is green.

We entertain the greatest luxury when we feed the starving.

Spend on a luxury: pay to cure a disease.

The other side of luxury is laundry.

Beyond the castled dell is someone’s grimy hell.

Luxury always exists at someone’s expense.

Lavish is slavish.

Luxury’s long pampering eventually is dampering.

A Venetian lace chasuble can’t cover up irascible.

Luxury is a brand, extravagance is a label, and love is a longing.

Luxury isn’t the expensive watch; it’s the rich, opulent, extravagance of time.