What we agree too we don’t always agree with. 

To listen is to leave ourselves; to agree is to arrive at someone else. 

A good compromise gives up the pie for the slice. 

A marriage is an agreement to disagree agreeably — mostly. 

Agree in discussions; avoid verbal concussions. 

To completely agree is to leave something out.

Stubbornness digs in; agreement shovels the way out. 

Experience teaches us that we can like those we disagree with; maturity teaches us that we can love those who are wrong. 

Old agreements are strong bridges to good futures. 

Assiduously avoid suicide; don’t be more agreeable than you actually are. 

How good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in disagreement. 

Relief is a plan — in hand. 

We praise big dreams; we long for relief from them. 

We are desperate for respite.

Grief is relief, relief grief. 

Ease is no breeze. 

Relief to be old, but not to be told. 

Simplify; revivify. 

To relieve, cease.

Abate; ameliorate. 

To your gluteus maximus, listen; amygdala, eavesdrop; cerebrum —  all ears.  

Bitter is better on wry.  

Wry helps with coping — after overdosing.

Straight needs bait; wry needs a tuna. 

Straight whacks; wry cracks.

Roll with droll; fly with wry. 

Aslants trump rants. 

Clip the quip; flip and rip. 

Pity, pity, never witty. 

The mocking bird gets the squirm. 

Timing is guessing — using data.

Time the market; ride the rocket. 

To time your investments — employ luck.

Timing requires some grinding. 

Markets swoon; timing wounds. 

Time flies when you’re gaining funds. 

Traffic in arrogance; blunder into good timing. 

Our bad timing is always on someone else’s watch. 

Bad timing, but good times.

Bad timing has a silver lining; it generates humility. 

Timing is nothing; accepting is everything.

Like prefers like. 

The look we like the look we heist. 

There’s no accounting for likes — and gripes. 

We long for simple while constructing complicated.

Fickled fashion bosses function.

Liked and hated are both overrated. 

Like what you get; love what you lick.

Liking subjective; loving affective.

Our parents mastermind our likes; they unwittingly create our hates.

Preferences are solipsistic; adorations verge on mystic.

The ultimate knows little intimate. 

The ideal makes us kneel; the everyday lifts us back on our feet. 

Adversity is the hard paddle to completeness. 

Glory in the highest lowest. 

To find the heel, peel off the ideal. 

A supreme regime is a maniac’s dream. 

Highest, lowest, bias, bogus.  

Nonpareil — all is well. 

We praise the superlative and betray the perturbative. 

What’s noble is cardinal — or farcical. 

Maturity is realizing that the world’s paramount concern is not you. 

Good looks crook our necks, but smiles wreck us. 

To cook and hook, just book the look. 

We trip on looks and stumble into marriage. 

A noble mein, a painted scene.

It takes a crook to get the look.

The surface rules the street, but depth rules the heart.

Consult the book to get the look. 

Looks may deceive, but under examination they confess. 

Look twice; it took the knife. 

Demeanor is a picture window; bearing is the wall it’s mounted in. 

Wins are wings.

Hope is a wing, action a jet turbine. 

A plan is a wing, execution an engine.

Through an empty mind blows a wind; a single thought provides a wing. 

Spring the ring; plan the wing ding. 

Tip a wing; try a wind.

Winds of change, a future strange.

To wing it is to undervalue it. 

A goal is a wing that flies to the end. 

Right wing, left wing, win-win, vertical fin. 

A lie is a false wing; deceit is a bomb within. 

A friend is a wing; two are an airplane. 

Tough toughens; rough roughens. 

Backbreaking — it’s goodmaking. 

Hard times make good memories. 

Hard is just a perspective — except when it’s a crushing reality. 

Harder is a function of nearer. 

Irreversible decline —  yet moments still fine. 

Don’t play your hard-card; all the other players at the table have one too. 

Hard has always starred; easy has always been the shocked audience. 

Work at playing hard to get; play at being work to forget. 

Laborious — it’s no more virtuous than hilarious. 

Solve your own problems; it’s less taxing, than to keep asking. 

Cumulative yuck, exponential muck, a string of bad luck — form a ruck! 

We won’t too much with “Don’t!” 

Love your chaos as yourself. 

Control yourself; free your neighbor. 

Take control — run, hide, eat!

Three things are hard; spiders’ silk, diamonds and self-control.

Do hard things: Hug your mind; kiss your heart; bridle your mouth.

Expect nothing; do nothing; get nothing.

We control one thing only to be taken by another.

We make plans; they make us.

Sellers beware; it’s a buyer’s affair. 

Aristocracy, mobocracy stem from the soul’s cacophony.

The little bit of control we might have over others comes from controlling ourselves. 

What we can’t control we can cover in kindness.

Verbosity — tortuosity! 

Brevity is the soul of levity. 

Short is a snort. 

Jiff your pith. 

Be brief; provide relief. 

Micro rules the macro.  

Longer is never stronger.  

Short good; shorter better. 

Proverbs make sweet brevity the wisdom of each century.

Good things are often petite; even our best moments are brief.

Brevity and levity increase delight’s longevity. 

Make friends with reality. 

Deal effectively with reality — eat.

Reality is free; you also pay for it. 

Reality has a bad reputation; it deserves it. 

Realities remain in doubt — until they sprout. 

Reality knows no fasteners; it abides not screws. 

Reality — it’s billions of eyes wondering, and blinking. 

Perception batters reality; interpretation massacres it. 

Reality is the disease you first come into contact with through your family. 

The happiest reality lives in a year of jubilee. 

Dance carefree; do this in the face of reality. 

We are all offered a free degree, a Phd in reality.

Police harsh realities using kindness.  

Marriage is catchy, then it’s fetchy. 

Troll what’s droll; hook what’s serious. 

Befool the cruel; entrap the tool.

Contend for need; take out greed. 

Catch friends; release enemies. 

You can catch small, gentle things with patience — and sugar. 

We catch a cold; we’re caught by old.  

Those who fetch make the catch.

Pounce on happiness; secure it with gratitude. 

Hook a date; book a mate. 

To start, finish.

To finish, start.

Finish — or anguish. 

Finishing is a skill learned from starting. 

Finished is a form of acceptance. 

Finish first; start second. 

In the beginning is the finishing. 

Finishing foolishness is foolishness. 

The highest form of finishing lies in reflecting. 

Finished is relief, and regret. 

Finished —  excellence diminished.

Finished is an opinion — until your dead. 

A jiffy is iffy.

The rat race sets the pace. 

Steady-slow is good mojo.  

Flash or stash. 

Pace brags then sags.  

No time at all is still time.

We may pause, but everything else keeps moving. 

Live for the tick; plan for the tock. 

We split seconds, hack hours, demolish decades.

Orators galore, answers-a-snore.

We demand answers; we crave silence.

A query need be wary.

The answer you can count on is the one reality offers. 

Youth loves a question; age prefers reflection.

A question, a session; an answer, a dancer. 

Our question’s reflections, our own predilections. 

Silence — it is the most sinister of all possible answers.

The young look for answers they can live with; the old need the questions they can die with.  

Look within yourself for the important questions; leave it to others to provide the silly answers.

We all immigrate, through age and weight. 

We all emigrate, from different versions of ourselves. 

We migrate through time suspended within infinity.

All of us are eventually immigrants, traveling on foot from former lands of youth and immaturity. 

Refugees flee violence, shrouded in silence. 

Immigration has situations; nations have reputations, but compassion knows only the category human.

We naturally protect unaccompanied children, until they arrive at a foreign border. 

A hardened border, a hardened heart.

Asylum, asylum needs a very safe island. 

We ever migrate toward those we know; we run across borders toward those we love. 

What’s thought a lot is caught not wrought. 

Thoughts can be sought — or bought. 

Thoughts rot, loves not. 

Thoughts like bots come in crazy lots. 

Thoughts fill slots; intuitions fill the spaces around them. 

 Ideate, activate, narrate and celebrate. 

Vacuity, perspicuity, our masterly fatuity. 

Reflection’s predilection is perfection; reality prefers dings, chips and cracks. 

The best possible worlds germinate within rationality and sprout within orderliness.  

Orderly, order be, our tidy mental forgery. 

Do business; ask for forgiveness. 

A good business, time and stillness. 

An army needs armor; a business needs a partner. 

We calculate risk; it calculates us. 

Business is a mess of finesse — and  stress. 

Your business is our business. 

What’s good for business is not good for all of us. 

Contract reapers; beware grim keepers. 

To do business requires a signature; to maintain business requires a finisher. 

Do business, include hilariousness. 

Bright schemes prosper dreams.

Older can moulder — or smolder. 

Throw matches — in dry piles of ideas. 

We live within enjambmency with all its length and lambency. 

Heat discussions, ignite ideas, conflagrate plans.  

Youth’s fire blusters and blows; old’s ember flickers and glows. 

Stingy is dingy; magnanimous is glamorous. 

Eat flares, swallow blazes, spit infernos. 

Sun’s glow, we grow. 

Glow, gleam, glitter —  titter.